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What will it cost?

International students

For information about tuition fees, application fees, the student services and amenities fee and health cover costs on our international students' fees page.

Domestic students

If you are a domestic postgraduate coursework students at UTS, you will need to pay one of two possible types of tuition fees:

Domestic full fee paying tuition fees:

In most cases, UTS offers domestic students entry to postgraduate coursework courses on a full-fee paying basis.

Tuition fees are charged based on the particular course and subjects in which you are enrolled, and at the rates set for the current year and are revised annually. Learn more about domestic full fee paying (postgraduate coursework) tuition fees.

Commonwealth supported place fees:

There may be a small number of postgraduate coursework courses at UTS that offer commonwealth supported places.

Learn more about Commonwealth supported places.

Estimating tuition fees

Use the postgraduate domestic students by courses fees calculator to estimate tuition fees for a given year. Note: rates are set for the current year and are revised annually.

To use the fee calculator you will need to know the course number. Course numbers are displayed in the course details, accessible through the course finder.

Paying fees

Tuition fees are payable at the start of each teaching period, and vary depending on the number of subjects or credit points you are enrolled in for that teaching period.

Further information:

Student Services and Amenities Fee

In addition to tuition fees, you may be liable for a small Student Services and Amenities Fee, which is calculated based on your study load.

This fee contributes to the provision of amenities and non-academic services for students at UTS. Learn more about the costs and benefits entailed in the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Alumni advantage

From 1 January  2017, UTS Alumni will be eligible for the new Alumni Advantage, which provides a 10% saving on full fee paying degree programs. Visit the Alumni advantage program webpage for more info on your eligibility.