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    Pharmacy, Orthoptics, Good Manufacturing Practice, Genetic Counselling, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychology.

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  • Anastasia: Deciding to study the clinical psychology program at UTS was an easy decision for me to make. When I first came to the campus and met the staff, I realized how warm and welcoming and supportive they all were and really dedicated to making it a great learning and teaching environment.

    Raphaella: A major career goal for me, and I think this is a career goal common to anyone who is studying psychology, is to really be the best psychologist that you can be so you can help as many people as possible. I feel that the master of clinical psychology at UTS is preparing me for this because of the amount of support that I'm getting from the academic staff. The focus on bringing all of the most current research into our practice has really made me feel confident that I'll be able to achieve that.

    Anastasia: My advice to future students would be to apply for the program without hesitation. I was so glad that I did and UTS provides a really unique learning experience in that they're integrating theory with sort of simulated learning and practical experience as well, so it's a fantastic place to learn and study.