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  • UTS staff speak

    Speakers: Multiple
    Duration: 5 minutes


    Speaker 1: The word I’d use to describe UTS would be ‘creative’.

    Speaker 2: In one word, I would describe UTS as ‘nurturing’.

    Speaker 3: Right now, I’d probably say ‘spark’.

    Speaker 4: It would be ‘exciting’.

    Speaker 5: IT would be ‘innovative’.

    Speaker 6: UTS in one word? ‘Hungry’.

    Speaker 7: To be a world-leading university of technology, we have to have an unconscious, almost unremitting focus on excellence across everything we do.

    Speaker 8: Excellence in our work environment at UTS means creating positive change and seeing real-world impacts, and I think we know that we’ve excelled when we are happy to come to work in this environment every day.

    Speaker 9: The culture at UTS is very open. It’s a very warm and welcoming place. It’s got lots of opportunities for staff to grow.

    Speaker 10: The culture at UTS is vibrant, respectful, collaborative and also very supportive.

    Speaker 11: The good thing about research at UTS is that we’re looking to answer big scientific questions in a very community-oriented way, so we’re looking for practical solutions to some of the big questions that are out there, and those practical solutions will have tangible benefits to the broader community.

    Speaker 12: I joined UTS because I was really interested in working in a research institute that was focused on applied research. We’re much ore focused, I think, on generating real-world impacts that are going to have a positive benefit for Australian and international society.

    Speaker 13: One of the great opportunities for staff who work at UTS is the ability to connect with industry, because we have some good collaborations with industry and I think it provides them an opportunity to get a different perspective, but also stay motivated about what they’re doing, because they can see how it’s being applied in their field.

    Speaker 14: I think we’re a university that’s always worked with industry, and we’re looking for more ways to integrate staff from industry into our teaching programs and into our research.

    Speaker 15: It’s great to come somewhere and be besieged by people who want to collaborate and fro whom I can learn a lot. So when I came here, I didn’t know that many people at UTS, but I’ve just umped into one after another, interesting, challenging, but very pleasant colleagues who I’m finding are, I’m forming really great collaborations with.

    Speaker 16: UTS has two things really working for it. One is, it is centred in Sydney – it’s at the heart of the city, and it’s incredibly interlinked with the industry that surrounds it. And I think that’s really attractive And the other thing is, UTs is young and hungry, so I really think new things are happening here and there’s lots of possibilities for staff to explore new ways of teaching, doing research and get involved.

    Speaker 17: The transformation that we have seen on the is campus is absolutely amazing. It’s had a really great impact on the way in which we can do teaching, research and learning here at the university, but also on the broader precinct. It speaks to the way in which the university is not just part of the education sector, it’s also part of the world.

    Speaker 18: The spaces are really inviting – very inspiring – and very much supportive of a more engaged teaching with students, and that really makes me proud.

    Speaker 19: I think what makes me proud to work at UTS is it’s a university not only with a reputation for academic excellence and excellence in research, but it’s got an exceptional commitment to social justice. I think social justice is really part of the UTS DNA.

    Speaker 20: You know, I think we’ve all made a decision to work at a university ta some level to support education, and we see education as empowering.

    Speaker 21: UTS is very much grounded in the community. It’s actually grounded in actually working with the firms and believing in the firms its worked with, and then delivering it back to students. And my role and my expertise can be valued here.

    Speaker 22: I think one of the major opportunities for staff working at UTS is to take hold of your own path, and really drive your own creativity. You know, everyday I’m inspired by the students I meet, the academics I meet, and it’s almost overwhelming with the amazing things that are going on here, and I want to be part of that.

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