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    Elisa-Marie Dumas
    Head of Global Partnerships and Programs, 

    Elisa-Marie, Investible is an early-stage global investment group.
    Hayley and Nick were such a direct fit for our program, you know, the ideal interns are people who are naturally curious about entrepreneurship, but also in how they think and move, willing to learn, be agile, take on board 50 different things that we might throw on them.
    Really couldn’t have selected two better interns, who really supported us in owning this project.

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    Hayley Tulich,
    Bachelor of Technology and Innovation,

    Hayley, This internship has sparked a massive interest with me in startups.
    I came into it just wanting to experience the world and see what I would be doing, and it’s been absolutely incredible seeing how much I’ve grown as a person, as well as just sparking interest for future career paths.

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    Nicholas Hurrell,
    Bachelor of Communication,
    Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation,

    Nicholas, There’s no training program. It’s not like you go, okay day one you’re doing this, day two you're doing this, day three you’re doing this;
    Every day you’re going to get a new task, you get new responsibility, you’re going to get a new experience.

    Hayley, At Investible, I’ve been really heavily involved in the planning of the Impact Games.
    So that started from data collection at the very beginning, all the way through to the execution of the event at the end.
    So it started off sourcing all the startups, looking online, finding people that would be suitable, and then it quickly evolved to project managing and testing out all the challenges, and how the event would actually run on the day, and all the planning behind that.

    Nicholas, It takes you some time to work into it, so they get to know who you are, you get to know the business, and your responsibilities grow within a couple of months when you get there.

    Hayley, I’ve been exposed to so many different opportunities, one of the main ones being  networking experiences.
    I’ve met so many different people, so many great people that are really interested in what I’m doing at university and what I can provide with them, and so I’ve got this massive network now of people who I would not have come into contact with if I didn’t take this internship.

    Nicholas, The networking, the people I’ve met, even just the other day, blokes saying ‘oh yeah, we’ll catch up for a coffee, discuss x, y, z’ and you’re like oh well, I can’t believe as a 21 year old, these experienced professionals are willing to take that 5, 10, half an hour of their day just to have that conversation, to help you along your journey.

    Hayley, From the Impact Games, a couple companies that I’m massively interested in and would want to work with, have been offering me to come and work with them. And then, with Investible, wanting to stay with them for as long as I can because it’s been so valuable, and all the skills that I’ve gained from working with them, and all the people I’ve met through them, is just invaluable and I never want to leave.

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