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    Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Innovation

    Take a fast-track pathway into the data science industry. Graduate in six months.

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    Master of Data Science and Innovation

    Masters: Deep dive into Data Science in our comprehensive postgraduate data science program

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    Microcredentials in Data Science in Innovation

    Master the essentials of machine learning with our six-week online short courses.

  • UTS Data Arena Experience

    Find out more about the MDSI student experience.

  • Dr Simon Knight, Senior Lecturer: The Master of Data Science and Innovation and the Grad Cert as well, you're actually building up a professional portfolio as you go.

    So the idea is that you're doing things that actually match what professionals would be doing and because of the way that we designed it, you'll be working in a range of different subjects to develop different kinds of skills around working with data and communicating that data.

    Priyanka Srinivasa, Master of Data Science & Innovation graduate: I started looking out for universities and UTS Master of Data Science and Innovation really attracted me because of the way it’s taught. It’s more industry-based experience. Everything you learn you put into practise from day one.

    Joseph Tristram, Master of Data Science & Innovation current student: We get the opportunity to work with a lot of established and well known corporates, governments and a lot of the projects cross over a lot of different industries as well, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn a lot of transferable skills.

    Dr Simon Knight: The Master of Data Science and Innovation is a transdisciplinary course. We see data science as a team sport. We actually need to be applying skills from different contexts, different disciplines, different professions in order to understand the problem spaces that we’re applying data science in.

    Joseph Tristram: So the benefits of having a good cohort is that we have that diversity of thought. This is important because everyone brings their own experiences, their own challenges and perspectives.

    I've made some amazing friendships throughout the course and, you know, the relationships I’ve built with the lecturers themselves, I think that's some of the memories I’m always going to retain.

    Dr Shibani Antonette, lecturer: So as we know data science is a rapidly growing field which means there are methods, techniques coming out every single day and we want students to be prepared to learn the most advanced technique there is and keep them updated so which is why the course is constantly reviewed by industry professionals, experts and leading research that happens in the field.

    Dr Simon Knight: We’re not just about the technical side of data science, we’re also about the human centred approach. Understanding where our data has come from, how we’re modelling it and how it’s then going to be used in a practical context where it might be informing decisions that have impact on people.

    Priyanka Srinivasa: Being a part of something that is going to help create a better future is what interested me. When you’re trying to build something, the thing that makes you irreplaceable is actually the ethics you bring into the data, your perspective and your creativity and innovation. That's my favourite part of the course.

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