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  • Transcript

    Alan Shakir:                  As a Community Pharmacist, I do quite a lot of things. I manage stock levels, I make sure the patients get the correct counseling, I manage the staff as well, and I run a few of the professional services.

    Elizabeth H.:                 I work at a global pharmaceutical company, and my role entails working with our department to get our medicines listed on the PBS so that all Australians can have access to our medicines.

    Sydney Phan:                I'm currently working at two sites as part of my intern year. The first site is at a multinational pharmaceutical company, and my other job is at a tertiary city hospital as a pharmacy intern.

    Liam Nguyen:               Hospital pharmacists play a really important role in shared healthcare decision making through consultation with doctors and other allied health care professionals, so it's a really collaborative environment. We all work really closely together. We all specialize in different things, and it's through applying all these skills together that we really ensure a patient's health is paramount.

    Alan Shakir:                  I primarily decided to do the Masters of Pharmacy course at UTS because of the clinical placement.

    Elizabeth H.:                 I completed five placements through my degree, and they were all very different and very broad, and I really enjoyed that diversity of experiences, and I utilized all those skills to get this job.

    Alan Shakir:                  The clinical placement at UTS of the Masters of Pharmacy degree done quite a lot for me because they gave me the Community Pharmacy experience. They gave me the hospital experience, and the rural experience.

    Liam Nguyen:               I found that our lecturers at UTS were a direct link between us and any changes that were occurring in the profession. They're all industry experts in their field, and so any changes that occur, we're the first to know about them.

    Elizabeth H.:                 Because I work for a global pharmaceutical company, we get insights from other regions of the world about their public health issues, as well as Australia's, and there are opportunities to travel around the world and work there as well.

    Liam Nguyen:               Because I'd been so well-prepared for the interviews, I actually knew where I was going to be for my internship by around September in my final year. With all the encouragement from the teachers, with all the help from basically everyone, I managed to secure a job early, and I was secure way before graduation.

    Alan Shakir:                 Anyone that's thinking of doing a pharmacy degree. It's definitely something worth trying.


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