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Communication at UTS

Formal channels

Here is an overview of the official channels of communication for UTS students. For official rules, please review the GSU site.
Official University notices shall be displayed by the University Secretary on the official noticeboard on the UTS website.
The UTS email address allocated to students at the time of first enrolment is an authoritative channel for specific official University communications with students. Email from the University to a student will only be sent to the student's UTS email address. Email sent from a student to the University must be sent from the student's UTS email address. 
The use of Short Message Services (SMS) by voice or text to a telephone number provided by a student for such purposes is an acceptable channel for official University communications with students for specific purposes.
Notices sent by mail to the mail address provided by a student, whether standard or registered mail or by email to a student's UTS email address, will be deemed by the University to have been received by the student.
Students have a responsibility to acquaint themselves with University notices communicated via the noticeboard and correspondence communicated in print or electronically to specific individual students. Failing to read, misreading or misunderstanding official information or correspondence will not be accepted as a reason for students being unaware of material contained in them.
Students have a responsibility to respond to communication from the University in a timely manner.
Students should quote their student identification number in all communications.
Students have a responsibility to make and retain a copy of all documents, forms and correspondence lodged with the University, including copies of electronic transactions.
Students must notify the Director, Student Administration Unit of any change in their contact details as soon as possible, by updating their account in My Student Admin. The University will not accept responsibility if communications fail to reach a student who has not notified the Director, Student Administration Unit directly in writing or via online access of a change of contact details.

Other channels

The Equity-related complaints pages includes information on equity-related complaints, as well as contact details for external agencies who can help, principles for complaint resolution and possible outcomes

Complaints that do not involve allegations of unlawful discrimination or harassment because of your sex, sexual preference, transgender status, race, colour, ethnic or ethno-religious background, descent or national identity, marital status, disability, age, political conviction or religious belief are covered elsewhere, with a list of support resources