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    Prem: I chose the Master of Optics at UTS because I always had a passion for pathology, and I always wanted to work with patients.

    Owen: In the hospital setting it's been very hands-on. I've been having to work with a lot of the diagnostic equipment that we've been using in class, and a lot of the patient communication skills that we rehearse and practice in our orthoptics degree. All the placements are sourced for us by the Orthoptics department but we have the option of sourcing our own if the opportunity arises.

    Tasie: My career goals when I chose UTS was replaced in a field where there's growing demand and one I can accumulate experience in. There is many different fields that I can work in and I can move around in.

    Prem: I have a passion for research, but I also wouldn't mind working in the private, rural, or public sector with Orthoptics. And one amazing thing about UTS of Orthoptics is it provides us that exposure to these elements while we're studying. Aand on top of that there's a small cohort, meaning that we get the attention we need with our lecturing staff to be able to achieve our goals. My advice to students is is if you have a passion for it go for it, it won't feel like study at all



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