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The University of Technology Sydney is dedicated to supporting your studies through one of Australia's most generous scholarship programs for international undergraduate, postgraduate, research and exchange students. 

From full tuition scholarships, to home-country sponsored financial aid, explore how you can fund your future at UTS.

  • Helping you realise your dream

    Hear from UTS students about our wide range of scholarships, how to apply and how they've helped them succeed in their studies at UTS.

  • International Scholarships at UTS video transcript

    Liz Treacy Bascunan (Associate Director, International Student Recruitment): UTS has a full range of international student scholarships available because we want to recognise the academic achievements of international students.

    We have undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships available. 25, 50 and the prestigious 100% scholarship available.

    One thing students might not necessarily be aware of is that they actually don't have to put in a separate application for our scholarships. Many of our scholarships for commencing international students will be assessed when they apply to UTS for the course that they're choosing to do.

    Arla Salcedo (Philippines, Master of Public Health): At UTS, the scholarship that I received was the UTS international postgraduate full tuition scholarship which entitled me to a full coverage of my fees, which meant that I only needed to pay for the student services and amenities fees.

    Anisha Rao (India, Master of Marketing): I received a academic excellence grant which was for about five thousand dollars and I think it did help me lighten up my financial load in the first semester.

    Suyash Naik (India, Master of Engineering): I have a 25 scholarship here at UTS for my scholarship. I actually wrote a good statement of purpose, as well as provided all the documentation which was required. This helped me to get a scholarship.

    Arla Salcedo (Philippines, Master of Public Health): If you get the help of an agent they would guide you through everything, certify your documents as well as waive the fee. So it's very easy and their services are actually free.

    This scholarship is the reason that I'm here – like it's actually the reason that I'm able to study and live abroad because otherwise it would have been very difficult for me and my family to fund it. So it's actually what made it possible for me to fulfil this dream of studying abroad as well as pursuing my passion for health and wellness.

Did you know?

  • UTS offers one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia.

  • The type of scholarship available to you may depend on your country of citizenship, achievements and preferred degree.

  • The majority of scholarships do not require an application. You will be automatically assessed and offered a scholarship if qualified. 

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Australia Awards Scholarship

Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships managed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to promote growth and stability, and to equip students with the skills to drive positive change in their home countries. 

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Arla Salcedo (Philippines)

Master of Public Health

"My scholarship helped me focus on my degree and gain industry experience. UTS has a central location. It’s also very modern compared to other universities. Being a young person, I thought it’d be really nice to go to a young university, because of the vibe and feel of the place. "


International student Arla Salcedo

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