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Accepting an offer

Congratulations on receiving a job offer to join UTS.  Joining UTS you will play an important role in the university's vision to become a world-leading university of technology.

Our city campus

Your conditions of employment are in accordance with the relevant UTS Enterprise Agreement. There are separate agreements for the senior staff group (SSG), academic and professional staff.

Accepting our job offer

You will need to complete a series of steps in order to finalise the acceptance process. We ask you to:

1. Login to iRecruitment by entering your email address and password credentials.  

2. Click on your notification "Congratulations you have received an offer from the University of Technology Sydney".  

3. Open your Offer by clicking "View Offer" button.  You will need to verify your identity by re-entering your email address and password credentials.

4. The offer will open as a PDF document.  It is important that the offer is carefully reviewed before accepting the offer.

5. Accept or Decline the offer using the "Accept Offer" or "Decline Offer" buttons.  When you accept the offer, you are also accepting the terms and conditions outlined.

6. You may add a comment to your acceptance and Click "Submit".  An additional prompt will ensure you really want to accept the offer.  Click "Yes".

A notification will be sent to you confirming acceptance.

Need more help? 

View our short visual demonstration or access our External Candidate User Guide (PDF, 46 pages)