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  • I'm just so pleased that we're actually all able to be here in person to recognize the the achievements of our
    award winners.  Your vital contributions are just so important and your commitment on the social justice to
    improving the lives of others not just in Australia but but globally.
    Tonight's event is a real highlight of the year. It makes you amazed to see all of the achievements of alumni what
    they've done the diversity of those achievements both within their professions and also the work that they do
    for the wider community. 
    I didn't see UTS just as a University but an institution of hope providing a platform to young adults to fulfill their dreams,
    allowing them to catapult themselves into the limitless possibilities.
    I'm very pleased to present the 2022 UTS Young Alumni Award to Angelique Wan.
    The leadership opportunities the personal and professional development opportunities and the work ethic that it instilled
    with me I feel is unrivaled between what other universities could offer.
    I was given that jump board to fly high at UTS and with the belief that there is nothing impossible because impossible in
    my dictionary means I am very much possible.
    Thank you UTS for recognising, empowering and motivating me to be stronger and better an agent of positive change in
    the society.
    I feel so incredibly honoured and humbled to be here amongst such incredible alumni who are also receiving Awards.
    I feel really proud actually to be associated with UTS because it's influenced so much of the choices I've
    made over the course of my career. We have such shared interest in wanting to make business a force for good so I am
    really really proud but really delighted to be here tonight.
    This award, it's very humbling I think is probably the best way to put it. You never do it for awards but I think
    acknowledgment is important when you put your life into a particular area of work like I have in
    terms of Human Rights so it does mean a lot. 
    The inspiration that comes from the contributions that our award winners have made to their
    professions and society is just quite extraordinary and it's very humbling actually to hear about the scale of the
    aspiration. There don't seem to be any boundaries that we've heard tonight there are no limits and if UTS can inspire
    that it's certainly done its job.

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