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  • Prof Roy Green: The distinctive character of the teaching programs at UTS, is the fact the we build on technical specialisation and encompass integrative thinking that enables students to develop boundary crossing skills; communication, collaboration, problem solving. These are the skills of the future; these are the skills that the students will need to grapple with the fast changing world. 

    Maile Carnegie: I see UTS key strength is its ability, in a very long and enduring way to consistently produce graduates who are able to tackle the business problems that are happening today. 

    Prof Roy Green: UTS provides highly relevant teaching programs both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, for a world not only in which they are highly employable, but a world in which they can create their own jobs. 

    Glen Boreham: I think it's wonderfully well positioned. I think physically and geographically it's well positioned, it's right on the edge of Sydney's CBD, with such close proximity not only to students but businesses and headquarters and anything else Sydney City has to offer. 

    Maile Carnegie: UTS does a great job collaborating with business, they have a very active advisory board and that really allows business to work and collaborate with the University to make sure that the programs they're developing are going to be what business needs when the graduates come out the other side. 

    Prof Roy Green: Our focus in on knowledge and research with impact, integrative thinking in our teaching programs and engagement with business. We believe in combining rigour with relevance, rigour with engagement, rigour with impact and it is the impact of our research in business and the community that differentiates UTS and makes our research real. 

    Maile Carnegie: I also see the school do a great job working on research, collaborative research with business, and what that allows the school to do is not only understand what today's business problems are but help to work with business to predict what future problems are going to be. 

    Prof Roy Green: What we are interested in is problem solving. We want to understand problems from the point of view of the organisations with which we engage. 

    Moe Sawwas: Most of my lecturers were either involved in the industry or they have been working with the industry for a long time. 

    Dr Antoine Hermens: Not only do we have a diverse student population, but we also have a very diverse academic and staff area as well. 

    Prof Roy Green: We involve industry and the community in our programs. We know that this is valued both by students and by employers. 

    Brett Whitford: The UTS Business School graduates are excellent to do business with primarily because they have that blend of educational rigour and outside experience.

    Prof Roy Green: We have a very substantial community of adjunct professors. We have many external partners, not just industry adjuncts but also organisations who work with us and who provide the opportunity for our students to undertake internships as well. 
    If your needs are graduate recruitment, a student intern, research collaboration, executive education; we would be pleased to hear from you. All you need to do is make contact.

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