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  • Dr David Waller: Marketing is such a big area, and it's also just a nice specific area in business. It's the satisfying of needs and wants through the exchange process, and it's about understanding what the consumers want, so you can satisfy those needs.

    Jessica Wong: I chose to study marketing because I really like the idea of working on a project with a team, and also working on it for a few months and then seeing the project come to life. For example, seeing people attending your event or seeing people being really engaged with your campaign. I really find that quite rewarding.

    Dr Christine Eckert: Students learn all the skills that they need in order to be great marketing managers later in their real-world life.

    Callie Leahy: As the marketing manager at Rode, it's all encompassing and it touches on a lot of base points across the business. It's new product development, into packaging, into the digital advertising, into print advertising and it keeps going.

    Dr David Waller: UTS helps students develop an understanding about marketing and business in general by being practical, by relating what they're doing to what's happening in industry.

    Callie Leahy: I wanted to pursue a post-graduate qualification in marketing because I do want to change career course, and I felt this added credibility. Some skills I learned at UTS range anything from networking to time management to priorities, and these are real-life challenges that you'll have in the workplace.

    Dr Christine Eckert: My students do some group assignments where they are working on projects where they actually apply their skills, so that they have both sides of the story, the theoretical as well as the practical.

    Jessica Wong: I definitely recommend studying marketing at UTS. All the projects that I've worked on I've gained skills and knowledge that I'd be able to apply in the workplace and a lot of the teachers and their lectures, and students have been really, really friendly, and I have found them to be really helpful throughout my degree.

    Dr David Waller: Marketing is important because it is really the face of the business. A lot of people, they don't know the company, don't know the brand, don't know the product, will see some sort of marketing, an advertisement, a poster, word of mouth about it, and so it's really important to get it right.

    Jessica Wong: We have a special skill to find a way to target a specific market and speak to a specific audience and that's why marketing is important.