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Privacy at UTS

Privacy refers to:

  • the right to be left alone
  • the right to exercise control over your personal information, and
  • a set of conditions necessary to protect personal dignity and autonomy.

Privacy can relate to both physical privacy and privacy of personal and health information.

UTS respects the privacy of each person it deals with, including staff, students and members of the public. UTS is also bound by legal obligations to protect privacy.

Privacy at UTS provides information about:

  • privacy legislation and policies applicable to UTS
  • how UTS protects an individual's personal information
  • use of surveillance at UTS, and
  • how to make a privacy-related complaints.

It also provides guidance for staff in applying the requirements of privacy and related UTS policies.

  • Regulations identifies relevant UTS policies, directives and guidelines, and provides a summary of legislative and professional obligations.
  • Your privacy explains how UTS will manage your privacy and protect your personal information, and is relevant to current and past students, staff and research participants and any other individual who has been involved in a personal capacity with UTS.
  • Practices for staff provides direction on the application of privacy requirements regarding collection, storage, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal information.
  • Forms provides access to forms for privacy-related activities and applications.
  • Contacts explains where to get further advice and assistance.