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When things go wrong

Your rights and responsibilities

The main way that UTS defines your rights and responsibilities as students at UTS is through a set of formal student rules and through policies on student and other matters. Changes to these rules and policies are listed on the official noticeboard.

Rules and policies are routinely reviewed and approved by the applicable UTS committee. If you are interested in standing as a student representative on one of these committees, see opportunities for student representation.

Student declaration

When you enrol at UTS, you sign the Student Declaration agreeing to certain responsibilities and acknowledging certain ways that UTS will deal with your information.

Student charter 

The UTS Student Charter also outlines your rights and responsibilities.

Student rules

The UTS Student Rules are the University's rules for matters relating to students.

Student policies

UTS policies set out non-discretionary governing principles and intentions to guide University practice and decision-making.

See UTS student policies for policies that apply to students at UTS.

Student equity

See the Equity & Diversity Unit for information about equity programs and services at UTS that support your rights as a student at UTS.