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When things go wrong

Accident or illness

The following list contains information on who to contact in the case of an accident or illness.

Immediate first aid

If you are on a UTS campus, call UTS Security or find a UTS first aid officer.

UTS Security

  • dial 6 from any internal phone, or
  • 1800 249 559 from mobile phones.

UTS first aid officers

  • find location details on the First Aid Officer and Emergency Warden posters posted around the campus, or
  • search the online list of first aid officers (UTS internal access only).

Accident and illness services

The UTS Health Service provides confidential medical services to UTS students.

The UTS Counselling service offers confidential counselling to help with a wide range of personal, psychological, study-related and administrative difficulties. There are also self-help resources on topics such as depression and anxiety.

The Special Needs Service supports students with a disability or ongoing illness.

If your accident or illness might affect your assessment or exams, read the special circumstances information, as there are things you need to do before the assignment due date or exam.

When an accident or incident happens at UTS

If you are involved in any accident or incident (including a near miss) at UTS, it must be reported. Find out more at reporting an accident or incident at UTS.

If you injure yourself or your property is damaged on UTS premises while undertaking voluntary work experience, or when on a site visit, you may be entitled to make a claim against the University's public liability insurance policy.

If you see a hazard or risk

Report it to a UTS staff member or UTS Security.

Other assistance

For financial difficulty as a result of your accident or illness, see financial help.

For harrassment or discrimination complaints, see the Equity & Diversity Unit.

See also: UTS Health and Safety Policy and Vice-Chancellor's Directive.