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Fees and payment

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) provides for amenities and non-academic services for students. These include:
The SSAF has enabled the University to increase its funding of UTS Students’ Association and Activate UTS sponsored activities.
The services provided through the SSAF funding are made available to all UTS students regardless of their circumstances. It is up to each individual student to choose their level of engagement with these services.


Fee rates in 2017

The SSAF applies to all UTS Students, and is levied for both Autumn and Spring sessions to all domestic and international students. The fee will be charged per session at:

  • $147 for Full-time students (FT - 18 credit points and above, or a study load of 0.375 EFTSL and above)
  • $73.50 for Part-time students (PT - 17 credit points and below, or a study load of 0.374 EFTSL and below)
Your liability for the SSAF is based on your enrolled study load as at the census date. Students withdrawing after the census date are not eligible for refund or remission of this debt.
The SSAF is a compulsory charge for all students enrolled in an award course and no waivers are available, however some specific subjects are excluded from the SSAF calculation (i.e. their credit point value is not included in the determination of FT or PT).  
They are:
  • Distance Mode
  • Moore Park Precinct (in 2017 only)
  • In-Country Studies
  • Study Abroad
  • Exchange


Due dates

STUDENTAUTUMN and calendar b autumn DUE DATEsSPRING and calendar b spring DUE DATEs
Coursework students21 April5 September
Higher Degree by Research students15 May20 October


The SSAF is charged separately to your tuition fees with a different due date. You will receive an email at the start of semester advising your eInvoice is available in from My Student Admin.  It is important you pay this by the due date.


Deferring payment of the SSAF 

Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders and eligible NZ citizens can apply for SA-HELP, a scheme to defer the payment of the SSAF. Students can submit a Request for SA-HELP Assistance form via My Student Admin (login required), but it must be submitted by the SSAF due date.  If SA-HELP is approved, it lasts for the duration of your current course.

The SSAF cannot be deferred through HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP. Students must ensure they have submitted an approved ‘Request for SA-HELP assistance’ form prior to the due date.

Cross institutional students are only eligible to access SA-HELP at their home institution. They must pay the SSAF upfront for subjects taken at the host institution.


Spending the SSAF

The UTS Students’ Association and Activate UTS propose services for funding to the Vice-Chancellor. All of the services funded have been nominated by the elected representatives of the UTS Students’ Association and Activate UTS.  The SSAF cannot be spent on provision of academic services or the support of political parties.
If you want a say on what UTS is spending your SSAF on, become an active participant in either the UTS Students’ Association and Activate UTS and put forward your ideas.


ActivateUTS 2015 Spending

SSAF contributes in many ways to the student experience at UTS, and more and more students are getting involved.  More than 17,000 students belong to clubs and societies at UTS, which number 100. There was a 21% increase over the previous year in students getting involved in Activate Sport activities.  The following figures indicate the SSAF contribution to funding all of these student engagement activities.



ActivateUTS funded activities, events and programs

2015 Expenditure

Providing food and drink to students on campus

Subsidy of 10% discount to students on campus at Activate UTS outlets as well as providing extended hours of service.


Supporting sporting or other recreational activity by students

Funding for delivery of UTS sports clubs, student subsidies, Elite Athlete Program and recreation for UTS students


Support for the administration of student clubs

Additional grants for ActivateUTS social and cultural clubs to enable them to host programs, activities and events that engage a broader student population on campus


Promoting the health and welfare of students

Subsidy for students to join ActivateFIT on Harris including All Abilities Program;
Health Programs outside of fitness centre including City to Surf.


Supporting debating by students

Support for students representing UTS in debating


Supporting an artistic activity by students

Arts support and awards


Supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students;

improving media content for students across campus and improving the resources allocated to the ActivateUTS Communications and Marketing team


Giving students information to help them in their orientation;

Information for 130+ clubs and 4500 packs for students at Orientation


Repairs and maintenance

Ensures ActivateUTS maintains modern, attractive spaces so members of the diverse student community can socialise and interact.


Social Engagement

Provision of social activities that focus on part-time and postgraduate students - 58% increase achieved.






Note: UTS Students Association figures on SSAF expenditure in 2015 are to be provided.