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Health and wellbeing

Multi-faith chaplaincy

Welcome to UTS: Multi-faith Chaplaincy. Our chaplains take care of the spiritual and pastoral needs of students according to their faith tradition. They’re also engaged in encouraging a culture of understanding, acceptance and human values at UTS.

UTS chaplains are trained and available to assist students and staff with a variety of challenges and problems, including homesickness, bereavement, loneliness and spirituality; you can contact a chaplain of your choice directly, or for general enquiries, email: uts.chaplaincy@uts.edu.au.

We’re not part of the university system in the same way faculties or clubs are, meaning we can offer the kind of perspective and support it might feel more difficult for you to access elsewhere. We offer a range of free and confidential chaplaincy services, which are open to everyone. These include support, discussion groups and meditation sessions.   

Our denominations also run a number of weekly worship events you might find helpful; please contact your chaplain directly to check in advance.