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Multi-Faith chaplaincy

Welcome to UTS: Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. Our chaplains are here to offer students and staff pastoral care – emotional and/or spiritual support, according to their needs and requirements.

Here at the University, we aim to support and encourage a culture of understanding, acceptance, respect for human values and dignity in a climate of diversity. We support individuals of various faith traditions, and those with no faith at all.

We’re not part of the University system in the same way faculties or clubs are, meaning we can offer the kind of perspective and support it might feel more difficult for you to access elsewhere. We offer a range of free and confidential chaplaincy services which are open to everyone. These include support, discussion groups and meditation sessions.

UTS chaplains are available to assist students and staff with a variety of challenges and problems, including homesickness, bereavement, loneliness and spirituality. You can contact a chaplain of your choice directly, or for general enquiries, email me, the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Coordinator, Joanna Thyer: joanna.thyer@uts.edu.au.

Or uts.chaplaincy@uts.edu.au . You can also contact the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Office directly on 9514 2523 .

Joanna ThyerMy name is Joanna Thyer and I have recently been appointed Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Coordinator at UTS. I am very excited about the position and being able to offer a wide variety of chaplaincy support to students and staff. My background includes vast experience in chaplaincy and pastoral care in hospitals and the workplace.

Please come and see me if you wish to have a talk or be referred to a denominational chaplain or group.