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U:PASS is a student learning program designed to assist students who are studying subjects that are perceived as difficult or that historically have a high failure rate. We are part of HELPS, which provides English and academic support to all UTS students. 

The sessions we run aren’t as formal as your tutorials or lectures. In fact, we’re all about smaller groups that are informal, flexible and responsive to students’ abilities and needs. It’s also important to know that our programs don’t target ‘high risk’ students but ‘high risk’ subjects –meaning anyone can benefit.

Essentially, we try to promote a deeper understanding through active learning and engagement with the course material.  We’re proud of the real difference U:PASS has made to student learning and development at UTS. Find out more about our background and philosophy. 

We’ve found students can benefit in a range of ways from the U:PASS program, including:

  • better grades
  • improved learning techniques thanks to the focus on learning and studying effectively
  • learning from other students
  • having a chance to ask questions without feeling embarrassed
  • improved communication skills
  • more confidence in their abilities
  • a better understanding of subject material
  • access to mock exam questions and other resources
  • a chance to interact socially and form friendships with other students in an informal, collaborative environment.
  • more free time- some students comment that one hour of U:PASS Learning is equivalent to a number of hours of individual study.

Watch some U:PASS leaders and academics talk about U:PASS here.

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U:PASS leaders

U:PASS leaders are trained senior students who have previously performed well in the subject. They’re able to speak and engage from direct experience as a student of the subject, with a better idea of the challenges you might face in the course of your studies.

We’re often on the lookout for  new leaders. Please check out our registration page to start your application.

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