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  • Wednesday 14 November 2018

    UTS Animal Logic Academy Info Session

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    Wednesday 14 November 2018

    Master of Data Science & Innovation Info Session

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  • UTS Animal Logic Academy

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  • Transcript

    Anton M.: I think BCI has definitely helped me with skills in the work place and even with getting my job that I'm gonna have when I finish.

    Amy K.: So I've been working in my job now for about two years. I started off as a Tinder writer and from there I got an opportunity to facilitate the company's business management conference over two days.

    Sam W.:  I applied for a few Grad positions and got through to a final stage at Westpark and one of the final rounds was a group interview.

    Amy K.: And I demonstrated this really interesting theory that I learned in BCII surrounding chaos and complexity. Was able to put a glass of water on the table and almost push it over someone's head.

    Sam W.: And basically what we had to do was solve a challenge that they gave us in 15 minutes. And BCII was just all the experience I needed for that and I felt at home. And I was very comfortable and straight away started to pull together different solutions. You know a lot of other people just froze. They didn't know how to interact and I really that, that's what helped me to separate myself from the others.

    Amy K.: They were really impressed with the sort of insights I was able to lead them to. And that actually led me to a promotion of Marketing and Communications Manager, which is what I'm doing today.

    Sam W.: I ended up getting the Grad position at Westpark, so I'll be working there next year.

    Anton M.: When I was working at a Toko looking at a lot of the systems challenges they face. I think having an understanding of how to look at Ecosystem through a complex lens. And even being comfortable working with that complexity allowed me to give a really unique solution to their problems. And I think it's actually what got me the job there in the future.

    Nathan S.: BCII has really helped me step into role of a leader by valuing the individual strengths that everyone can bring to the table.

    Varun M.: I think one of the skills that BCII has provided me is the ability to draw and expand their perspectives.

    Nathan S.: I now no longer just see the world with a business mindset.

    Varun M.: I think the opportunities at BCII provide are just absolutely insane.

    Eliza M.: So I've been lucky enough to end up in a really cool capstone project and we've created a business, which is called Stitch. And basically we are a support hub for people with chronic illnesses. So one of my friends, Lucy, has type one diabetes. And what we've created is a platform that she thinks will really help her and in turn will really help a lot of people living with chronic illnesses.

    Lucy A.: Back in our third year subject, Initiatives and Entrepreneurship. I stumbled across this problem space of people like myself who are living with type one diabetes and built this entrepreneurial idea. And long story short, it's kind of snowballed throughout BCII this year as part of fourth year. As my teammates and I have developed it to a point where we can actually take it full time in 2018.

    Eliza M.: And because this is born out of BCII, I've had a lot more courage and a lot more support around the business and around myself. And we've been able to enter all these award competitions and we've been winning. And we've been meeting mentors. And we've been meeting lawyers and it's really exciting and really new.

    Nathan S.: The thing that's really surprised me about BCII is how well it's tied back into my core degree. I think they're were a few question marks over the first three years about how relevant this is going to be going into a business heavy work place. But instead all it's done is complement me moving forward and really help me on that career trajectory, which has been awesome.

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