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    Master of Data Science and Innovation

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    Undergraduate courses

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    Master of Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation

  • Transdisciplinary Elective Subjects

    Passionate about making a meaningful difference and exploring new ideas?
    You can now add a transdisciplinary elective subject to your UTS undergraduate degree*.

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    Why Transdisciplinary Innovation

  • Our world is evolving at a rate we can’t predict

    and with it, the problems we need to solve for today and for the future

    have grown increasingly more complex and networked.

    What we think of as a single problem

    is often made up of more factors than you’d expect.

    If we try and solve these problems by focusing on only one factor, we only solve part of the problem.

    But when we collaborate our thinking with a range of different disciplines

    and continuously evolve and combine our interactions into a new way of thinking

    we can deliver innovative and creative solutions

    and suddenly, we see the world – and all the ways we can help to change it – in a light we couldn’t imagine before

    We call this transdisciplinary innovation.

    In the UTS Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation

    we are focused on producing graduates who can deliver creative, innovative and highly collaborative solutions

    for a future world

  • Partnering with us is about being a part of a world first, award-winning approach to tertiary education.

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