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  • 16 Jan 2019

    Law Postgraduate Info Evening

    Discover opportunities to enhance your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge through further legal education.

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  • 29 NOV 2018

    Law Discovery Day

    Thursday 29 Nov 2018 - UTS Faculty of Law invites Year 11 students and their teachers on-campus to one of two full-day interactive law...



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  • Student 1 : I chose UTS LAW because UTS is renowned for not only being a good law school, but also one that’s progressive and that caters well to full time working students.

    Student 2: I chose UTS:Law because of the flexibility that the course offers for part time students, obviously I work full time, and I work in the city so the location of the University was a huge drawcard for me.

    Student 3: I was starting a graduate role at the same time as starting the Juris Doctor. That was really the main reason why I chose to study at UTS was because of the flexibility that UTS provided

    Student 2: UTS:law faculty is like one big family. We have a fantastic Director of Students who really understands the challenges that students, particularly those who are working full time, face in balancing their work & their study commitments. The teaching staff in addition are fantastic, valuable resource for students in terms of if you are having any difficulties with the course content or if you have a particular interest in an area of law they’re always willing to go the extra mile.

    Dean: When I because Dean I spent some time talking to some lawyers, some of the law firms, to get a sense of how they regarded UTS:Law graduates. Our students come with a very practical focus, they’re really ready to think about things in a practical commercial way. The other feedback I got that I think is really important and something about the values of the faculty & the student culture here is that our graduates work well together, they fit into teams, they’re not arrogant & I really liked that I thought that was something that was really important about the culture we try to create here.

    Allens Rep: My impression of UTS:Law graduates is fantastic. The students that I have met on campus & through our alumni are always excellent candidates & lawyers. They seem to have a really commercial approach to the way they see things, they seem to be quite practical in their understanding and their focus moving forward. We have a really strong alumni with the UTS students and we’re very keen to see that continue & see that grow

    Student 2: my advice for students that are coming in the JD at UTS is to 100% commit and embrace the life that the university has to offer you in the law. Attending every class & engaging 100% with that class will ensure that you aren’t playing catch up every weekend on your readings and you get the little hints about exams and the anecdotes from lecturers that you cant get from a textbook, so come to every class & engage

    Student 3: The advice I’d give to someone considering whether to study the Juris Doctor at UTS is to do it. The reasons being is that personally I’ve had a great experience studying the Juris doctor, but also the program offers 1. Great flexibility, 2. A broad range of academic experience & also commercial experience and the third thing is the UTS Program has a lot of practical help methods for students who are either trying to balance work & uni life or just finding their way through a law degree

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