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Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Laboratories

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology houses nine laboratories in the areas of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering. These laboratories cover a wide range of mechanical engineering services, allowing us to test, evaluate, and/or demonstrate a variety of physical priniciples. They also offer full 3D services, available to UTS staff and students, corporate clients and members of the general public.

For details and resources, including induction and safety, contact Peter Tawadros - Laboratory Manager, Mechanical Laboratories.

Dynamics and Mechanics of Solids Laboratory

LocationCB11, Level B4, Room 105

This laboratory located in the new Broadway Building will be used for teaching, research and consulting projects in the fields of noise and vibration analysis, automotive powertrain, suspension and steering systems, play equipment safety, impact studies and solid mechanics. Specialised equipment includes an in-floor 3.6m x 2.4m vibration test baseplate, drop test tower, automotive suspension and steering test rigs, human impact attenuation test equipment, and noise and vibration instrumentation.

Air Conditioning and Heat Transfer Laboratory

LocationCB11, Level 10, Room 403

This laboratory in the new Broadway Building will feature state of the art testing facilities, including a 6x4 metre calorimeter room, a modular air conditioning unit, a 60kW heated water supply, 25kW chilled water supply, and 25kW electrical supply. This gives our facility the flexibility to test a wide range of HVAC equipment. Our solar simulator will allow the testing of photovoltaic and other solar technologies, and we will have capabilities in the testing of a wide range of renewable-energy and high-efficiency systems.

Aerodynamics Laboratory

LocationCB11, Level B4, Room 109

This laboratory is primarily a teaching facility, which features a closed circuit wind tunnel for testing of specimens up to 300mm in major dimension. The facility can be used for demonstrations of aerodynamic effects, as well as flow-visualisation and aerodynamic studies. It also regularly hosts school students who enjoy using the facility to test model planes whilst learning about the fundamentals of aerodynamics.

Engine Testing Laboratory

LocationCB02, Level 2, Room 1

This laboratory is used for the development, testing & calibration of engines, suspension, and powertrain. We are equipped with a large range of testing equipment including dynamometers, a powertrain test stand, and a four-post shaker, and are able to test, develop and calibrate in the areas of internal combustion engines, electric and hybrid powertrains, suspension and kinematics, noise vibration and harshness, alternative fuels, and emissions.

Engine testing at the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT

Product Realisation Laboratory

LocationCB02, Lebel 2, Room 12A

This laboratory is equipped with the latest CNC machines, as well as a 3D Printer and Laser Cutter. We can use both additive and subtractive machining techniques to make one-off or short-run parts. The Product Realisation Laboratory is a flexible space which can be used for teaching, practical sessions, demonstration, or for the support of research. The 3D printer and laser cutter are available to be booked by the general public and jobs can be submitted using the online job request form. Current UTS students and staff who submit jobs enjoy discounted rates. Students from the School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems are able to access the Product Realisation Laboratory after completing the relevant induction process.

Steam Processes Laboratory

LocationCB02, Level 2, Room 14

Our Steam Processes Laboratory is a teaching facility combining an industrial-sized steam boiler capable of generating five hundred kilograms an hour of superheated steam, and a steam turbine. With our apparatus we are able to demonstrate a fully-closed rankine cycle to students. The steam boiler also has take-off points for the diversion of power into other apparatus, and can be used for research, or testing and development work. Some of the work we have previously undertaken includes research for the health and catering industries.

Metrology Laboratory

Equipped with a wide range of measurement devices to measure almost any dimension, the Metrology Laboratory includes a touch-trigger co-ordinate measuring machine capable of measuring objects up to 508x406x203mm; a Hamar L-732 dual-axis laser coupled with Plane 5 software capable of measuring flatness, squareness, parallelism, levelness and straightness; and a Surtronic 3+ surface roughness meter. The laboratory is available for teaching, demonstration or consultation.