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Our experts develop customised robotics solutions to maximise productivity, improve quality and safety, and generate efficiencies for our commercial, government and not-for-profit partners.

Our industry showcase

  • UTS Robotics Institute builds strong partnerships with businesses, government and not-for-profits across five key sectors.

  • Infrastructure robotics

    We specialise in intelligent robotic systems to monitor and maintain infrastructure in transport, utilities and construction in a safer and more cost-effective way.

    Photo of bridge cleaning robot
  • Defence robotics

    We're helping to enable the realisation of Australia's vision for coordinated autonomous systems in defence in collaboration with government, SMEs, and primes.

    Professor Sarath Kodagoda remotely operating Spot, the UTS robot dog
  • Agriculture robotics

    We work with industry to deliver truly innovative robotic solutions to make Australian agriculture more competitive and productive in a global market.

    Photo of robot picking fruit
  • Health robotics

    We develop the next generation of intelligent robotic technologies to help the elderly and people with disabilities live more autonomously

    Student demonstrates Smart Hoist System
  • Next frontiers in robotics

    Working with mining, transport, manufacturing, construction, space and partner institutions, developing the next generation of robots and intelligent systems in the field.

    UTS PR2 robot (high-end humanoid)

Our research themes

  • At the UTS Robotics Institute, we undertake innovative and challenging research in robotics across four core focus research themes.

  • Sensing, perception and estimation 

    Using artificial intelligence and sensing technologies to move robots through complex and uncertain environments.

    Robot in a pipe sensing the pipe condition
  • Robotic systems

    Building complex robotic systems including biologically inspired robots, underwater robots, drones and soft-gripping robots.

    Sewer robot
  • Control, planning and coordination

    Controlling robots with trajectory and path planning, multi robot coordination, and long term operation.

    Robot in pipe
  • Human-robot interaction

    Collaborating between people and robots including intention and behaviours, mission objective setting, physical interactions, and brain-robot interaction. 

    collaborative robot
Photo of robot dog

About us

With more than 80 researchers, the UTS Robotics Institute is one of the largest robotics research teams in Australia. We're a global leader in autonomous and human-centred robotics. 

Our real world robotics achievements
  • 75
    major research and industry awards
  • 50
    key industry and academic partners
  • 12
    senior academics

Our leading robotics experts

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