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    "For 30 years the UTS Faculty of Design Architecture and Building has exemplified the best professional education….”

    DAB Dean Elizabeth Mossop
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    The Wanago program Design Technology

    Smart phones. DNA testing. New cancer cures. Renewable energy.

  • Hi, my name's Zoe Wong. I'm doing honours in photography at UTS. 
        I didn't really know what I wanted to do after high school. I just knew that I was really interested in photography. The photography degree at UTS really appealed to me, because it seemed to have a lot of subjects that give you a broad range of what you can do with photography. 
        My favourite part of the degree is everything. You learn a lot doing this degree. I think also all the facilities that are available to us as students, all the studios and everything that we're allowed to use and then also just being around like-minded people. The classes tend to run smaller than other degrees, so it's nice getting to know everyone quite closely and across other year groups as well. All the skills that we learn during the degree I think are transferable across all creative industries. We learn a lot of Photoshop and InDesign and then even video editing skills. 
        I wanted to come back and study honours, because I missed having an area where I could get feedback and critique from my work. It's really hard to find outside of university. Also, I've been introduced to exhibiting my work. I just wanted something to help me make my creative choices a bit stronger. 
        My final end-of-year project is called Uncle Jackie. It's a series of images that looks at the relationship between me and this life-size cardboard cutout of Jackie Chan that I've made. This project came about when I was thinking about this fantasy that I used to have as a kid where I used to imagine Jackie Chan as my uncle. I think looking back at that fantasy now, it's clear that I had a desire from something that I felt was lacking in my life, which was more of my Chinese heritage. 
        I've been working in the photo industrial during the degree. Then I'll most likely come back and do more study. There's a lot of post-grad options for the photography degree as well.   

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    Building for tomorrow Built Environment Scholarship

    The Australia Tomorrow’s Builders Scholarship has opened for FEIT and DAB students.

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    UTS welcomes new Architecture Head of School, Professor Francesca Hughes.

    Francesca Hughes, Head of Architecture pictured
  • Won Hae Shim:       00:03          I got started with a cadetship at Multiplex, which is a global contractor, and I got to work on real commercial projects in the Sydney CBD, such as the Wynyard Place redevelopment.

    Tiaan Mackenzie:    00:17          So, I'm working with Stockland on a scholarship, so it's an industry based scholarship, it's something I definitely recommend anyone to try go for.

    Danica Bird:        00:24          It's probably been the most beneficial part of this entire degree.

    Angela Sansom-D:    00:27          Not only are we working with people we're gonna work with the rest of our careers, but we're also working on projects that are relevant, so Capstone's a great example of that. It's a project that is actually happening, being done by a company at the moment, they just bought the land and they're gonna be developing it.

    Maddison King:      00:40          So I've done a hundred days so far at a place called Western Earthmoving, and that was such a good experience because you get to use what you learned in class in real life, and you learn things so much faster and in such a different way, and it's a really good experience to meet new people and so you have connections in the industry.

    Andrea Lam:         00:59          What we're actually designing is a night club in Sydney, and it's kind of like a critique of the lock out laws in Sydney at the moment, and it's kind of focus about how can we create public space at nighttime.

    Eric Ahlstrom:      01:09          So basically take things that what most people would consider to be rubbish, and I try to look at what's there and make something beautiful and meaningful of that.

    Trenett Nguyen:     01:20          I was taking a user-experience elective and the brief was about how to foster life-long learning within University, and so I designed a service that helped students develop emotional intelligence.

    Oscar Read:         01:33          Well the subject's called designer integration, so it's about integrating design and systems together to build a high school.

    Alex Watson:        01:40          So my thesis looks at how you use hand gestures to communicate with non-designers and how that can actually be interfaced into a 3D modeling workspace.

    Eloise Cleary:      01:47          This project is a prosethic for women, and it is different ... or its point of differences is because it's customizable, it has an element of personalization designed with a cover that the user can interact with the designer and co-create that.

    Alex Watson:        02:08          Definitely working in design job, I think it would be really exiting to get outside of Uni and start really taking choice of where I wanna work.

    Angela Sansom-D:    02:14          Ideally in a analyst investment sort of role, but basically I'm in the industry I love now.

    Rowan Abraham:      02:21          I'd like to be doing moving images assisting work, but if I could get photography or stills on movies and stuff like that.

    Won Hae Shim:       02:28          I do have a two month program to Indonesia, it's called AIYEP, the Australian Indonesian Youth Exchange Program, run also through DFAT.

    Isabella S:         02:37          I will be applying to do a masters. I'm not sure where that will be, I'm hoping to go to New York.

    Alex Galego:        02:44          So this week I've been accepted into DELFT for exchange.

    Hayley Zheng:       02:48          It's not that I'm not ready to leave yet, but I do want to do honors.

    Eric Ahlstrom:      02:52          I'll probably be looking at honors.

    Marcus Boyd:        02:53          Definitely thought about doing honors.

    Trish Tran:         02:55          I really want to do honors. Maybe even do part-time tutoring, I really like helping people.

    Danica Bird:        03:01          My plan for next year is definitely to stay where I am. It's a really great firm. It's a small firm doing really big jobs, and that's I think an ideal place to start.

    Trenett Nguyen:     03:14          I feel like I've grown into myself, not just as a designer but as a person. I've become a lot more comfortable with who I am and I've become a lot less shy.

    Eric Ahlstrom:      03:22          Global Studio that I did with Natalia Hughes, we went to New York.

    Oscar Read:         03:25          Global Studios. So I got to do a trip to America, to New York, Chicago, and L.A. in my first year, and we actually met Frank Gary, who designed that building.

    Mandy Chan:         03:35          The opportunity to actually go out to studios here in Sydney.

    Andrea Lam:         03:39          I've been to New York twice, I've been to L.A., I've been to Hanoi for a drawing elective, and I've also been to Japan.

    Tiaan Mackenzie:    03:46          The lectures have been very industry-focused.

    Angela Sansom-D:    03:47          Industry involvement has been fantastic, so a lot of our lecturers work in the industry.

    Alex Watson:        03:53          You suddenly find yourself around a group of all these other really passionate designers that think in slightly different ways but also have a huge amount of overlap, so to be able to start talking the same language with those people is a really cool opportunity.

    Hayley Zheng:       04:03          You're surrounded by so many motivated, driven, and hard working creatives that it just creates the perfect environment for me to continue being motivated as well.

    Isabella S:         04:14          In our honors we have just over 20 people, so it's very close and I think that's the same with all design disciplines, is that really tight groups and you get to be really close friends with everyone.

    Hayley Zheng:       04:30          Every single project, pour your heart and soul into it.

    Andrea Lam:         04:33          Probably recommend that you get involved in cultural activities around your area, so if you are interested in architecture, go to museums and art galleries, exhibiting modern artwork just to get yourself involved in what's happening at the moment.

    Won Hae Shim:       04:45          Keep an open mind and have fun, yeah.

    Alex Watson:        04:48          Just follow what makes you really interested in design, because ultimately that's what you're gonna keep pursuing throughout the three or four years of study that you do.

    Maddison King:      04:54          So I'd look back and say just relax. Even if someone knows all the answers it doesn't mean that you have to know because they might have more experience.

    Tiaan Mackenzie:    05:02          Even if you have a set goal, obviously stick to it and plan for that, but do make sure that it's willing to bend for change.

    Alex Galego:        05:10          UTS Architecture, like it's the perfect playground to experiment.

    Angela Sansom-D:    05:14          I've learnt over the last three years is just do everything, say yes to pretty much everything. There are a lot of opportunities that only come because of who you meet or the random thing you helped with at Uni then becomes a job or that's happened a fair bit to me and to other students.

    Eric Ahlstrom:      05:30          You'll get as much out as you put in, just keep working, just keep at it.

    Danica Bird:        05:38          100% the people.

    Alex Galego:        05:40          The people and the friends I've made.

    Trish Tran:         05:41          Definitely working with the people. I think, like my peers, my tutors, they're all so great.

    Angela Sansom-D:    05:47          I've made some good friends and worked with some really exceptional minds.

    Isabella S:         05:50          Teachers and our lecturers are just so amazing.

    Mandy Chan:         05:54          Just the teaching style here was very welcoming and it was very supportive and nurturing.

    Won Hae Shim:       06:00          I've been quite moved by I think how much support I received from my course director and lecturers to help me pursue the New Colombo Plan Scholarship, which has taken me around the world.

    Alex Watson:        06:12          I think the most vivid memories that I'll have from the DAB is just being able to have these really open ended design briefs that you can have so much freedom with.

    Hayley Zheng:       06:18          The moments of joy when you finish a project, it's come to an end, you realize how much you've gone through, and that's such a rewarding experience, especially with amazing people.