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Travel concessions

For travel within the Opal network

The UTS Student ID Card has been approved by Transport for NSW to be used as proof of entitlement within the Opal Network from February 2017.

As the UTS ID card has been approved, you will be able to travel using your UTS Student ID card and your Concession Opal card.


For travel outside the Opal network

This includes many rural and regional buses as well as NSW TrainLink Regional services.

You will need to apply for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card (TCEC) via the Opal website to prove your eligibility to travel on a concession fare.

Applications for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card (TCEC) can be lodged via the Opal website (opens an external site).

More information is available via transportnsw.info/tertiary-students (opens an external site).

How to get an Opal concession card

The Opal concession card is available to eligible UTS students.

If you are eligible, please complete the following two steps in order to receive your card:

Step 1:
Log into My Student Admin, click on the agreements tab, and provide consent for UTS to share your details with Transport for NSW (opens an external site).

The status of your Opal Privacy Consent must have a status of Accepted for your details to be shared with Transport for NSW” – as shown below.

Note for 2016 students: The way you prove your entitlement to concession travel on NSW public transport has changed.  Travel concession stickers will no longer be issued and will no longer be accepted by Transport for NSW.

Step 2:
To Apply:

Remember: You must complete Step 1 or you will not be able to apply for concession on the Opal website.

After you have provided consent through My Student Admin, it will take up to 48 hours before your details will be loaded into the Opal website.  After 48 hours please click on "order an Opal card" on the Opal website (opens an external site).

Please provide your contact details during the application process so that Opal can contact you if your eligibility changes.

Once you have completed your application on the Opal website (opens an external site), your new card will be sent to you within 5-7 days.

You will then need to activate your card by following the instructions provided with your card.


  • You are required to carry your UTS Student ID card at all times when you are using your Opal Concession card. If you do not carry both cards whilst travelling on public transport, you may be fined. 

  •  You will need to to add credit to your card before you can use it. You can also set your card to top-up automatically- more information is available on the Opal website (opens an external site).

If you have further questions about the Opal Concession card you can:



Full details of eligibility are available in the NSW Transport Guidelines for Issuing NSW Tertiary Student Concessions (opens an external site).

A student is eligible for concession who:

  • is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia; and

  • resides in New South Wales; and

  • is enrolled in an Australian Qualifications Framework accredited higher education or vocational education and training course at an Institution authorised by TfNSW to participate in the Scheme; and

  • is a full-time student enrolled on an internal basis (except where a person, by reason of disability, is enrolled on a part-time basis and/or on an external basis); and

  • has agreed to the terms and conditions for use of a Concession and has consented to the disclosure of certain personal information to TfNSW by their Institution as set out in the guidelines.

Further updated information on Transport for NSW eligibility criteria is available on the TfNSW website (opens an external site). 

International students

  • If you are a Full-fee paying International Student at UTS on a temporary visa you are not eligible for a NSW Travel Concession.
  • International students will need an Adult Opal card (unless they are eligible for concession travel). The Adult Opal card offers a range of travel benefits like daily and weekly travel caps, including all day travel on Sundays for just $2.50 (excluding Sydney Airport station access fee).
  • If you are an international tertiary student and your study is fully funded by specified Australian Government scholarships, you may be eligible for concession fares, including Concession Opal cards.

To find out if you are eligible and for more information, download the Guidelines for Issuing NSW Tertiary Student Concessions (opens an external link).

Eligible International students at UTS on temporary visas must:

  • be enrolled full-time (minimum of 18cps per semester), and
  • not be engaged in business or employment or receive any remuneration (scholarships and allowances such as Austudy and Youth Allowance are not counted as remuneration), and be in receipt of
    • an Endeavour Award funded for full scholarships of DIISRTE, or
    • an Australian Leadership Award funded for full scholarships by AusAID, or
    • an Australian Development Scholarships funded for full scholarships by AusAid.

Concurrent study and cross-institutional students

Concurrent study students

If you are a UTS student who is studying a subject at another university via concurrent study, you must first provide proof of a full-time study load to your UTS Student Centre in order to be eligible for concession.

Once you have provided proof, please select UTS as your home institution when applying for an Opal Concession card.

Cross-institutional students

If you are a student who is studying a subject at UTS via cross-institutional study, you can apply for a statement of enrolment, which you can then take to your university to provide evidence of your enrolment at UTS.

Once you have provided proof, please select your university as your home institution when applying for an Opal Concession card.

Transport concession on other types of transport

For information about travel concession on other forms of transport please visit the Transport for NSW website (opens an external site) .

More information on student concession and discounts for travel and other services, refer to our Financial Help page.