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Statement of enrolment

A Statement of Enrolment is an official University letter, which states:

  • your name and student number,
  • the course and subjects that you are currently enrolled in, and
  • your current attendance pattern (i.e. full-time or part time).

You can request to have your current subject enrolment listed on the statement as well.

statement of enrolment may be required by Centrelink for students applying to receive the Youth Allowance.

Domestic students can request a statement of enrolment by completing a request for a statement of enrolment online. An administrative charge is payable.

International students please contact international student services to obtain a student verification letter. Please allow three working days for processing.

Domestic research students please contact the Graduate Research School to obtain an enrolment advice.

Statement of course completion

A Statement of Course Completion is a letter confirming that you have completed the necessary components of your degree and that you have been approved by the Faculty Board, and are eligible to graduate. It can be used to show that you have finished your degree when you have not yet graduated.

Statements will only be issued after the official release of exam results of your final exam.

To request a statement of course completion, domestic students should apply online. An administrative charge is payable, and you should allow three working days for processing.

International students should contact the UTS International Office or complete the online form. You will need to allow a minimum of ten working days following the release of results for processing. A statement of course completion will not be issued if you have any unpaid fees. If requested, your statement of completion can also state that UTS courses are taught in English.

Student file 

If you wish to access your student file held at the Student Administration Unit, please contact student.records@uts.edu.au

Student Questions

Q.1: How can I obtain an unofficial copy of my enrolment details?

A: To obtain an unofficial copy of your current enrolment details, log-in and complete the following steps on My Student Admin

  • select the 'My Web Enrolment' menu
  • select the 'My Current Enrolment Details' menu
  • from the Enrolment Details page, select 'I want to...Email my enrolment advice'.