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Student ID cards

Your student card enables you to:

  • establish your identity on campus
  • access the Library and other services
  • gain access to centrally conducted examination rooms

All enrolled students must have a current UTS student ID card and keep it with them at all times whilst on campus.

Your student ID card is valid for the period of your course enrolment. You must return your student ID card to the University if you:

  • take a leave of absence
  • withdraw from your UTS course.

How to get your student identity card

I am a new coursework student 

If you are a new coursework student, you can obtain your Student ID card once the following steps have occurred:

1.    You have completed all registration steps on the Start website
2.    you  have been admitted into your course 
3.    you have enrolled into subjects in My Student Admin.

If your studies commence in:

  • Autumn or Spring session: register your attendance to obtain your student ID card. Note Spring session commencing students will only be able to register during June and July.
  • Summer session: please visit your Student Centre.

Please ensure that you bring your current Photo ID (Australian Driver’s license, passport, 18+ card) with you when you come to collect your card. International students should bring their passport.

If you attend an on-campus enrollment session, you are not required to register your attendance to obtain your student ID card. The student ID card will be issued as part of the on-campus enrolment session.

Important: If you fail to collect your student ID card before the last day to enrol, you may be at risk of being withdrawn from your course.

I am a distance or offshore student 

If you are studying by distance mode or at an off-shore campus, you must complete either the student identity card application for distance students form, or the student identity card application for offshore students form. 

Other students 

Graduate Conversion Course in Accounting (GCCA) students: you will receive a form from the School of Accounting when you enrol. Take this completed form to a Student Centre to have your photo taken and student ID card issued.

Executive development students: you will receive a form from the Executive Development Unit when you enrol. Take this completed form to a Student Centre to have your photo taken and student ID card issued.

How do I use my card to access secure areas

You simply hold the card flush with the card reader until it beeps to gain access to the restricted area, provided you have the necessary access rights. For more information, please watch a quick guide to using your new UTS ID card (opens an external link).

Please contact Security Services on extension 1192 if you have any difficulties. 

Student PIN

All students enrolled at UTS are automatically allocated a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for accessing UTS buildings. This number is confidential and for personal use only. The PIN will grant you access within UTS to:

  • certain buildings and labs restricted to particular students
  • buildings after hours, on weekends and during holidays.

Student PIN allocation

  • All students are allocated a PIN at enrolment allowing access to areas related to enrolled subjects.
  • Access to facilities is automatically updated every 24 hours.
  • The subjects, not courses, a student is enrolled into determines the extent of access to facilities.
  • Unless compromised, the PIN allocated remains the same as long as a student is registered with UTS.
  • Access to facilities may be suspended for maintenance or refurbishment purposes.
  • Access is restricted during mid and end of year breaks.


  • Access is disabled if the PIN is compromised (i.e the PIN was used by person other than the allocated student).
  • Students who are found propping doors open that would normally require security pad access will have their PIN suspended.
  • Anyone found using a PIN not belonging to them, will be escorted from university premises by UTS Security.
  • UTS Security has the authority to ask for the production of personal identification to confirm the identity of a PIN user and /or visitor to University premises.

Abuse of the Access Control System (PIN) may result in disciplinary action under The University By Laws.

Replacing your student ID card

If your student ID card has been lost, stolen or damaged you should apply online for a replacement student card or visit your Student Centre as soon as possible.

An administrative charge is payable.

Contact us

If you have any more questions, please contact your Student Centre

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