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The trees of the Amazon rainforest are more limited by sunlight than rainwater says UTS C3 Alfredo Huete Credit:Flickr/Amauri Aguiar

Dry season greening debate

The Amazon rainforest is more limited by sunlight than water says Professor Alfredo Huete in a Nature paper that challenges assumptions about rainforest productivity
Featured in The Conversation
Bleached coral on Heron Island. Credit: Jessica Tout

Reef bleaching: what happens next?

Future Reefs Team Leader, Associate Prof. David Suggett, explains the GBRGMPA Coral Bleaching Response Plan in the wake of El Niño
A new tool, developed by analysing 14 years of NASA satellite data, indicates that South East Australia and large parts of Central Australia are highly vulnerable to impacts of extreme weather.
C3 led research is leading to a better understanding of how some corals might survive increasing storm events that result in a decrease in salinity and cause coral stress.
A collaboration between UTS and the IRD in New Caledonia will investigate the genetic biodiversity of corals living in mangrove environments. The research will give new insight into how corals might keep pace with climate change.
A UTS:C3 led collaboration provides answers to basic questions about key biosynthetic pathways in marine toxin producing microbes opening up the possibility of new product discovery.