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  • Liz Sullivan

    Liz Sullivan

    Leading the cultural shift

  • Eva Cheng

    Eva Cheng

    Opening doors to tomorrow

  • Heidi Norman

    Heidi Norman

    Connecting politics and justice for the next generation

  • Jie Lu

    Jie Lu

    Driving commitment to excellence

  • Larissa Behrendt

    Larissa Behrendt

    Independence to advocate for change

  • Liz Harry

    Liz Harry

    Asking the tough questions

  • Christina Nikitopolous

    Christina Nikitopoulos

    A place to solve real-world problems

  • Thalia Anthony

    Thalia Anthony

    New ideas for a fairer system

  • Megan Williams

    Megan Williams

    Closing the gap in health inequity

  • Willa Huston

    Willa Huston

    Catalyst for change

  • Phillippa Carnemolla

    Phillippa Carnemolla

    Inclusion by design

  • Olena Stavrunova

    Olena Stavrunova

    Economic insight that benefits society

  • Saba Bebawi

    Saba Bebawi

    Changing the world with words

  • Natalie Stoianoff

    Natalie Stoianoff

    Impact through the right legal tools

  • Martina Doblin

    Martina Doblin

    Determining the pathways to influence

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    Equal Futures

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  • Phillippa Carnemolla

    Jacqueline Gothe

    Moving with the landscape

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    Discover the opportunities at UTS