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  • Recognition of prior learning

    Visit our course areas to see how our pathways and recognition of prior learning arrangements can help you get started. 

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  • inpUTS

    Increase your chances of getting into UTS by applying for inpUTS, our educational access scheme.

    It's available to students who have experienced long-term disadvantage, impacting on their results in school, vocational or university education. 

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    Make Your Mark

    Is uni for you? We think further education is for everyone. Make Your Mark (opens an external site) is a useful resource for those considering higher education.

  • Student Profiles

    On average, 50 per cent of commencing undergraduate students at UTS are non-current school leavers, meaning they haven't come down the traditional path of attending university directly after high school. There is no ‘one’ way it has to be done.

    Read how these UTS students took their next step!

  • Lindsay Morrison

    Lindsay Morrison
    Bachelor of Nursing

    "I was always a last minute person, but that changed when I realised any success or failure is entirely on me."

  • Joshua Klaser

    Joshua Klaser
    Bachelor of Science in Games Development

    "The transition was very smooth from TAFE to university; there really isn't much difference between the two."

  • Kristen Wren

    Kristen Wren
    Bachelor of Business

    "University is quite different to TAFE, but they complement each other in different ways."

  • Amy Burrows

    Amy Burrows
    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice

    "I did my research and looked around to see which course could offer me the best for what I wanted to do."

  • Thomas Do

    Thomas Do
    Bachelor of Business

    "It’s ok not be sure about what you want to do with your life; just allow yourself to experience it. You’re never too old to make a career change."

  • Pathways to UTS - video transcript

    Kristen Wren
    Bachelor of Business
    Diploma of Hospitality Management
    Speaker 1: Uni and UTS was a big scary thing for me when I was in high school. I never thought that I would get into uni and I didn’t think that I was capable of being a uni student.

    Mohamed Sesay:
    UTS Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice
    TAFE Diploma of Engineering - Technical
    Speaker 2: During my application I understood that UTS provide inpUTS access scheme, through UAC. Looking at inpUTS, it’s more focused on students like me who have disadvantage, coming from a non-English speaking background.

    Speaker 1: I was able to secure credit recognition with UTS, which is equivalent to four fulltime subjects. One whole semester of work.

    Thomas Do
    Bachelor of Business
    Diploma of Hospitality Management
    Speaker 3: So combining TAFE and university studies was financially beneficial for me because I was able to get credit recognition coming to university. As well I have the added benefit on graduating with dual qualifications, so I have my diploma from TAFE as well as my degree.

    Sumnima Dewan
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism)
    Diploma of Community Welfare
    Speaker 3: For me, having two years’ experience at TAFE, I knew what to expect and that made me more confident.

    Speaker 2: I’m really in the right place where I can fulfil and pursue my dream as a student.

    Speaker 1:  So now that I am a uni student and I am one of those people in the UTS Tower building that everyone can see from Central, I feel really proud of myself that I’m somebody that could do it.

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