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  • landscape architecture a design discipline by that I mean it's a profession that looks at using designing and as a creative tools by which to understand the layout and configuration of public spaces. I think I like love most aspects of the course. I think there's a lot of opportunity to go on excursions outside and travel and meeting a lot of people studying environments really nice and it's a really good group of people everyone's quite happy and passionate about what they're doing. A typical landscape architect can work on public projects that could be streetscapes they could be public park they could be a small scale such as gardens or small appear plazas such as the Lama theme or it could be light of scale so they could be looking at the entirety of city. I think a good preparation for a landscape architecture at UTS would come from those students who have a design background or an art background also the students who have an interest in ecology and the way that ecological systems could operate within a city open accredited program. The UTS Bachelor of landscape architecture course offers the opportunity to practice both here in Sydney and internationally so the global studios trip was a three-week tour and it took us to Germany and then to Copenhagen and the Netherlands. You're looking at everything through carnival and design lens and the because one things you normally wouldn't pick up on a key which is kind of like backpacking through we got a $1,000 scholarships from the unique which incredibly helpful as the newest program in landscape architecture in Australia we've had a real opportunity to shape the most contemporary and up-to-date program and in so doing we've really tested the idea of how we can engage with industry so we have a whole range of people who are working as landscape architects and they're integrated into the teaching that we undertake here at UTS a lot of our students have already found jobs in their second and third year which is a really exciting thing for them they can still mix part-time work in the discipline in the profession they're seeking at the same time of study ultimately I just want to make a good impact on the world I think that's my my main motivation let's improve the life of people.