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Official Noticeboard

Official notices of the University are posted on this Official Noticeboard website.

Notices may relate to new or changed Rules, Elections and other information from the Vice-Chancellor and the University Secretary.

Rules of the University

Changes to the UTS Rules are posted in Rule changes.

Current UTS elections

Election notices about current UTS elections are posted on the UTS: Elections website:

UTS Council and Academic Board

Minutes of UTS Council and Academic Board meetings are posted on the Governance Support Unit website:

Official noticeboard regulations

As determined by Council, this UTS: Official Noticeboard website constitutes the official noticeboard of the University under By-law provisions Part 2, Division 1, Clause 11(1) and Part 4, Division 3, Clause 46(1), Rule 2.3.1, Rule 2.3.5, Rule G3, Clause 20(1) and as defined in Schedule 1 to the Student Rules.

The Official Noticeboard is managed in line with the Procedures for the use of the Official Noticeboard.