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  • Chris Earley:                 UTS Business School is really embarking on a wonderful new path. Our strategy is taking the best of a world-class university of technology and integrating it with business, so that we have a combination of business enabling STEM, healthcare, to do their very best, to have the greatest impact on society.

    Chris Earley:                 We have an emphasis now on lifelong learning. We want students to come to us at age 20 and finish with us at age 70, so we're going to create micro-credentials, a modular approach to learning, so that people can dip in, dip out, they can move, and they can change their pathway as they grow and develop and mature.

    Chris Earley:                 I think one of the hallmarks for the school in the future is going to be our new one-year advanced MBA. It's an accelerated programme that has a unique orientation around industry integration. So we have peripheral units that students take, but at the core of every module is an industry project delivered by industry partners.

    Chris Earley:                 Global business schools have always relied on their alums, for support, for advice, for guidance, but it's particularly critical for UTS Business School, under our new umbrella of our strategy, as we move forward aggressively to become a world leader as a technology business school. Our alums are going to play a very important role because they'll help us engage with industry, they'll help us engage with society and with community. With our alums, we'll be a vibrant force of the future, I think.