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  • The opening of One Hundred Broadway marks a significant milestone – not only for UTS – but also the allied health education.

    - Joanne Gray, Head of UTS Graduate School of Health

  • Joanne Gray, Head of UTS Graduate School of Health
  • Our Indigenous commitment

    We recognise the Gadigal people of the Eora nation as the Traditional Owners and holders of knowledge of the places where our campus stands. We acknowledge elders both past and present and recognise the contribution that Indigenous people make to the academic and cultural life of the university.

  • One of the anomalies in allied health professional training is that when you go to work on your first day you sit around a table with a group of medical colleagues, nursing colleagues, other health professions, but you do your training within your own discipline. This building, GSH, is gonna give us the opportunity to give our trainees exposure to a wide range of different allied health professions so when they go to work on their first day as a graduate they're gonna have an understanding about how other allied health professions work, which most other graduates won't have.

    Hundred Broadway, which is GSH's new home, is unique in that it is joining disciplines together. So all of the allied health disciplines within the Graduate School of Health are coming together and they're joining around research and teaching and that bringing together of the disciplines really reflects best practise within a healthcare setting.

    The school had a clear brief that they wanted to bring the different departments and disciplines under one roof for it to be a real collaborative space and provide a multidisciplinary clinic.

    [Woman] The space here at One Hundred Broadway is just quite incredible really. It's been purpose-built so that every single discipline was able to identify what specific teaching space they needed in order to be able to prepare their students the best way they possibly can.

    We have a wonderful new suite of research rooms for all the health professions here to use and those research areas will enable researchers to work together on collaborative projects, which when you're isolated silos you don't get an opportunity to do.

    We have access to a range of facilities. So we have our clinic, the plinth room, a simulation room, and then for the students and all their group work we have small, collaborative classrooms.

    The virtual reality lab at One Hundred Broadway is a specially designed facility with state-of-the-art technology so that we can do research into how we use virtual technologies for health conditions and education.

    If you take a look around at the design, you'll see a woven motif through everything and to us, that's remembering the Gadigal peoples use of this land. The area was known as being really productive for weaving and making crafts. So we hope to carry that on as well, for Girra Maa to be productive within Graduate School of Health and always remembering the traditional owners' use of this land in everything we do.

    When I think about the next generation of allied health professionals, we have to really think about the fact that working together in the healthcare system is what we know leads to better quality patient care. So working together while they're developing their knowledge and their skills as new healthcare professionals means that they'll be able to replicate that model of learning and understanding when they move out into clinical practise.