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The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology is a world-class faculty with a growing reputation for its quality and impact. Our research is highly advanced, industry-focused and part of the lively and rigorous research culture at UTS.  

Focused on 'practical innovation', our researchers are pioneering research solutions with real-world impact. They're recognised leaders in their fields, responsible for delivering new, better and more cost-effective innovative solutions to current national and international challenges.

Over the last five years the Faculty has received more than 60 Australian Research Council projects and attracted a total research funding well in excess of $30 million.

Research news and events

The Faculty hosts various events and seminars, including the Dean's Leadership in Innovation Seminar Series and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminar Series. These seminar series provide the opportunity for distinguished researchers to initiate conversation around relevant high impact research.

The coming together of design thinking and business analytics is a real step change with the potential to revolutionise the way we work and live, a symposium of leading thinkers in these fields has heard.
Have you seen the footage of Tony Hawk, legendary pro-skater, hooning around on a hoverboard? It's sent the nerd and science world into disarray. But what is the science behind it and what has taken it so long?
The 12-year collaboration is producing models that will allow clinicians to shift away from grouping patients into risk categories to personalising treatment based on data from existing and previous patients.
World-first UTS research has found that using recycled carpet in soil strengthening for construction can curtail the shrinkage of highly expansive soils much more than cement.