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What we do

IT Facilities

With a focus on collaborative and hands-on learning, there are many specialist computing labs in Building 11 to cater for student needs based on their subjects such as telecommunications, software and computer systems.

All our labs are regularly updated with the latest hardware and undergo a complete upgrade of operating systems and programs before most semesters.

Network Services and computer access

We provide a Unix shell, via SSH, with a home directory that is backed up regularly. Students can access additional services such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases, Subversion repositories, and internal websites.

There are a mix of Windows and Linux labs and IT students have 24/7 access to some generic computer labs.

Information Technology students working in a classroom in the new building

Internetworking Labs

LocationCB11, Level 7, Rooms 403 - 406

As a Cisco Networking Academy, our 5 specialist internetworking labs are all resourced with the latest equipment from Cisco Systems.

Our Internetworking labs provide specialised hardware and software to facilitate the teaching of networking topics. A Xen based virtualisation infrastructure allows students to have administrative rights to the guest operating system to configure and manage the operating system. These PCs host multiple virtual machines for different specialised purposes.

New Media Centre Laboratories

LocationCB01, Level 27

The New Media Centre Labs are available for current students enrolled in one or more of the core postgraduate interactive multimedia subjects. The two media labs are fully equipped and friendly environments open 24/7 to postgraduate interactive multimedia students.

Graphics and Game Design Laboratory

LocationCB11, Level 6, Room 101

Equipped with specialised software such as GameMaker Studio, Unity3D and Houdini Apprentice, the Graphics Lab is used for teaching computer graphics and games.

Software Development Studio

LocationCB11, Level 5, Room 402

Our new Software Development Studio provides an inter-disciplinary space for students to collaborate on industry projects.

Students write on wall-to-wall white boards in the Software Development Studio to develop ideas

Games Studio

LocationCB11, Level 6, Room 401

The Games Studio is a dedicated space for students and academics working in the area of gaming. It focuses on advancing the building tools, techniques and methods that will be used to create the next generation of games and its related technologies. Current themes include, but are not restricted to, serious games, augmented reality games, game artificial intelligence, interactive storytelling, collaborative virtual environment sand intelligent game design.