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  • Introducing UTS Tech Lab

    A multidisciplinary engineering and IT facility creating new opportunities for integrated R&D in innovative technologies.

    9000m² of multidisciplinary, specialist labs with state-of-the-art equipment, housed alongside collaborative work spaces.

    An incubator for future-focused world-leading research outcomes

    Located in the Botany industry and technology hub, next to Sydney’s airport and just outside the CBD.

    World-class facilities and UTS research expertise

    Tech Lab’s doors are open to partnerships for R&D projects, consultancy, contract work and short courses.

    Tech Lab: working with you to find practical solutions to today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s.


    Upcoming events in the Faculty

    • City - Broadway
    • CB06 Peter Johnson Building, Building 6
    8:30 am - 2:30 pm

    Learn about study and career options in STEM!

  • Text on screen: Women in the Faculty of Engineering and IT

    I’m Teresa Vidal Calleja, I’m senior lecturer at the School of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering and core researcher at the  Centre for Autonomous Systems.

    My research is in robotics. I investigate algorithms for sensing and perception to make robots autonomous.

    The key goal is that with my research, the robots are able to perceive their environment and decide where to go, or to do the task they are required to do.

    Text on screen: Why robotics?

    It’s thriving, everybody now has realised it will be great to have robots doing automation tasks and sending robots to places where humans cannot access.

    I don’t see it as robots taking peoples’ jobs…It’s just robots helping society to be more productive.

    Text on screen: Path to Engineering

    Ever since I was little I was interested in maths, that was my favourite subject, I loved it.

    I was kind of undecided whether I will study physics or engineering, finally I decided on engineering.

    When I started studying engineering, mechanical engineering, I knew I wanted to do robotics.

    Text on screen: Why UTS, why now?

    In Australia in particular there is a very... there is an excellent research in field robotics. In UTS in particular for infrastructure maintenance, we are one of the best in the world for this.

    Text on screen: More women in Engineering and IT

    There is nothing gender related, it’s nothing that can be tackled only for men or women, it’s a research and engineering field, it’s growing and everybody can jump on it.

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    Prepare for the future with these new courses

    Our course are developed through consultation with our industry partners, academics and students.

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