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    Women in Engineering and IT (WiEIT)


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  • Transcript

    [on screen: Women in the Faculty of Engineering and IT]

    [on screen: Myriam Amielh, Associate Dean (External Engagement)]

    I joined UTS in 2016 and previously I was in industry I did a career in research, in R+D in commercial R+D companies.

    So I came to UTS in 2016 and now I’m the Associate Dean External Engagement for the Faculty of Engineering and IT, this faculty and I look after all the partnerships, all the ways we can come up with to have our researchers and our students engage with industry and government agencies.

    [on screen: Why UTS? Why now?]

    The thing I really really enjoy here is that I feel from the day I joined up to today invariably that UTS is ready to do new things in terms of engagement with the external world And UTS is able to look deeply into what works, what doesn’t and consider new models and be bold enough to actually develop new models of engagement.

    I was not interested in SETM all the way to the end of high school The domains I liked were musicianship, literature, poetry, things like that I then had an opportunity after high school to join, the curriculum in France is a bit different, to join a technology and mathematics curriculum. It is very important to realise that people can develop an interest at any time, not necessarily within the years 8 – 12. It can happen later, it can happen when you are 30, 40 and more.

    [on screen: More women in Engineering and IT]

    We, of course, want a diversity of people, we know how good this is for creativity and for everything. Women should be in faculties of engineering because they represent half of the population and so they are users like anyone else and so when we invent new things, create new things, this is for our society and this is for women and men. So women need to be part of the design of everything, they need to be part of research and to be part of faculties like ours.

    The best advice I can think of is to be well aware of unconscious gender bias. And that this well-known phenomenon is going, every now an then, to put you in a situation where people push you in one direction simply unconsciously, simply because they’ve grown that way themselves, and you should be able to step back and make yourself independent from that, and make your own decision.


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