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  • Introducing UTS Tech Lab

    A multidisciplinary engineering and IT facility creating new opportunities for integrated R&D in innovative technologies.

    9000m² of multidisciplinary, specialist labs with state-of-the-art equipment, housed alongside collaborative work spaces.

    An incubator for future-focused world-leading research outcomes

    Located in the Botany industry and technology hub, next to Sydney’s airport and just outside the CBD.

    World-class facilities and UTS research expertise

    Tech Lab’s doors are open to partnerships for R&D projects, consultancy, contract work and short courses.

    Tech Lab: working with you to find practical solutions to today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s.


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  • Hi! I’m here to introduce you to very important colleagues of mine the team behind UTS Unleashed!.

    This great group of UTS programmers is getting me ready to take part in RoboCup 2019 here in Sydney in July.

    Heres Suwen, one of our programmers.

    Hi Pepper what are you doing?

    Just telling everyone about RoboCup, the annual international robotics competition starring autonomous service robots just like me. And about people like you who help me do the things I do.

    RoboCup is an awesome opportunity to test our programming skills against International competition.

    We are in the @Home league and that means we have to compete against in various challenges.

    Pepper can you tell us more about these challenges?

    These challenges must

    • include human machine interaction
    • They must be socially relevant 
    • be application oriented 
    • be Scientifically challenging 
    • be easy to set up and low in costs 
    • They also have to be simple and have self-explaining rules 
    • Take a small amount of time
    • and be interesting to watch!

    So here are some of the other people who will be helping me to compete in these challenges.

    Distinguished Professor Mary Anne Williams is the Director of The Magic Lab here at UTS. 

    This is Australias leading social robotics lab, based in the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in the Faculty of Engineering and IT.

    Mary Anne has taken UTS to RoboCup since 2003 and last year we won silver in the @home league in our second attempt.

    This year UTS Unleashed! has 20 members, Undergrads, post grads, PhD and post-doc researchers. 

    So Pepper can you tell us more about these people?

    Our technical leader is Sammy Pfeiffer who has already led two teams to Robocop successes.

    Then there is our coach Dr Ben Johnston who makes sure we meet all our milestones.

    He is passionate about using artificial intelligence and social robotics to create data and animating systems.

    And he can make us dance!

    This is Dr Jonathan Vitale who researches facial perception, processing, and emotional interactions between us.

    And now on to…me!

    I am a Pepper Robot from Softbank Robotics. Each team competing has a Pepper so everyone competes on the same platform but that hasn’t made me any less unique.

    Last year at RoboCup we called you Banana Habanero, what do we call you this year?

    Hmm, I don’t know.

    UTS, this is your chance to give me suggestions for a cool new nickname.

    UTS we need your help to name this little guy. If you check out our UTSUnleashed! social platforms, we’re waiting for your name suggestions and we want you behind us when we compete this July.

  • Software engineering at work, the UTS:Library book stacker in action

    Prepare for the future with these new courses

    Our course are developed through consultation with our industry partners, academics and students.

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