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Partnering with CCS

As a Research Centre, CCS is dedicated to high quality scholarly research, especially in partnership with civil society organisations, and the enhancement of social knowledge and practice, through its study of cosmopolitan civil societies in a global context. CCS has resources and expertise within its research framework to offer funding partners and UTS has specific mechanisms to help community and industry organisations partner with CCS researchers to achieve outcomes.

UTS aims to facilitate high value partnerships between external organisations and our researchers by setting up research agreements which provide innovative, flexible and effective solutions to commercially or socially important problems. These partnerships can last anywhere from six months to five years or more, and deliver specific value to the funding partner.

The UTS Industry Engagement and Commercialisation (IEC) team is the central contact point for engagement between the University and its external partners. Through its collective past experiences members of the IEC team have a clear understanding of our partners' needs and are open to new proposals and ways to do business. Find out more about partnering with UTS.

If you are interested in engaging with CCS, please complete IEC's project enquiry form and you will receive a response from an IEC team member within two working days.