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We work to create a world that is socially, ecologically and economically just and safe, where everyone has the resources and skills they need to flourish. ISF brings together expertise from a diverse range of disciplines to deliver practical solutions for our partners, and to empower our students to effect positive change in the years to come.

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We conduct solutions-focused, transdisciplinary research in areas that address the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time

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“We have commissioned research on sustainability issues from every continent. ISF are at the top in terms of inter-disciplinary skills and experience, creating new ways to analyse and understand issues, and delivering projects. Whether they are facilitating a day with business leaders in India or writing new research based upon analysis and meetings with a range of multi-national corporates, we would recommend partnering with ISF to better understand a sustainable future.”

— Sustainable Funds Group, Stewart Investors

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Stuart White: ISF has a vision to make the world a better place. Part of that is through our mission, which is to create change towards sustainable futures.

Damien Giurco: We do this by partnering with government, industry and the community to engage in transdisciplinary research around complex challenge, that can help us deliver insights that create impact.

Dani Alexander: Sustainability really comes down to being able to live not at the expense of future generations, and hopefully putting them in a better position than we have been in.

Stuart White: Communities are in peril, so we need to ensure that we keep improving sustainability, to create change towards sustainable futures in everything we do, whether it’s as individuals, as societies, as communities, but also as researchers.

Dani Alexander: We’re lucky enough to be an independent research unit within a university, and that’s really core, I think, to the work that we do, that we are independent.

Damien Giurco: And the thing that we do uniquely is not only understand models and visions of what needs to happen, but think practically, ‘How can we work together with government and industry to make it happen in practice?’.

Dani Alexander: And we work directly with them, rather than at arm’s length so that we can see, I guess, the concept from development, all the way to implementation and, hopefully, to positive impact.

Stuart White: That’s why all our researchers have to think and operate in a completely transdisciplinary way. Because that’s how the problems of the world present themselves to us.

Dani Alexander: And it does probably come down to passion; everyone that works here at ISF is passionate about what they do and that really comes out any time you talk to them, but it’s also inclusive. And it’s just such a nice environment to be part of.


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t: +61 2 9514 4950

Level 10, UTS Building 10
235 Jones Street
Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

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