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Personal details

You can find a record of your personal details including your name, contact details, citizenship and residency details, and disability and medical condition information on My Student Admin in the “My Details” tab.

It is essential that you keep these details up-to-date as they will be used for:

  • All communication between you and UTS, including important information about graduation.
  • Management of your student records.

Name, gender and other details

If you have changed your name or other personal details, or you need to correct an error in My Student Admin related to your name, please complete the Change of Student Details form and:
In the case of name change, submit one of the following documents that specificy preferred name:
driver’s licence; valid government travel document (e.g. passport); certificate from a state or territory registry of births, deaths and marriages (e.g. marriage certificate; change of name certificate).
In the case of gender change, attach one of the following documents that specify preferred gender:
one statement from a registered medical practitioner or registered psychologist; valid government travel document (e.g. passport); certificate from a state or territory registry of births, deaths and marriages (e.g. birth certificate; document recognizing change of sex/gender).
Only original documents or copies of documents CERTIFIED TO BE TRUE COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL by an appropriate authority will be accepted and FACSIMILE COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Documents can be certified at a UTS Student Centre. Please bring original documents and copies in order for them to be certified.

Contact details

It is important to keep your contact details up-to-date so that the University knows how to contact you. Please make sure you regularly log into My Student Admin to update:

  • your session and home address
  • your contact phone number(s)
  • your emergency contact details

To make changes to any of these, go to the ‘Personal Details’ tab in My Student Admin and select the item you wish to change in the 'Contact Details' menu.

Click on the option in the relevant ‘I want to’ section, and complete the changes online.

Emails sent to your UTS Webmail account are the primary form of communication used by UTS. You may be sent emails regarding:

  • key dates
  • enrolment times
  • exam scheduling
  • your results
  • graduation
  • and many other things related to your study.

You are required to login and check your UTS webmail on a regular basis. UTS strongly recommends that you do not set your UTS webmail account to forward your email to another account. If you do set up a forwarding email account it is your responsibility to ensure that the account is set-up correctly. 

You should also make sure that your mobile phone number is correct in My Student AdminUTS may use this as a secondary form of communication.  

Graduates and Past Students

If you are a graduate or past student, you can notify UTS of changes to your address and other contact details by submitting an online enquiry via AskUTS

To register with UTS Alumni or to update your contact details, complete the online registration

Notification of residential address

Once you are enrolled, you can notify UTS of your residential address or change of residential address via My Student Admin.

It is very important that UTS knows how to contact you. UTS will not accept responsibility if official communications fail to reach a student who has not notified a change of address.

Note: For international students, it is an Australian student visa condition that you notify UTS of your residential address in Australia within 7 days of:

  • arriving in Australia
  • changing your address.

Citizenship and residency

Your citizenship and residency status affects the types of tuition fees you pay.  If your citizenship and residency details are incorrect you should, where possible, amend them prior to subject enrolment.

If you are a domestic student and you: 

  • are a permanent resident and need to provide documentary proof of your residency, or
  • have changed from a permanent resident to an Australian citizen,

you must complete the declaration of residency - for domestic students form (PDF, 34kB). Further instructions on completing and submitting the form are provided on the form.

If you are an International student who has become a permanent resident, you must complete the declaration of residency - for an international student who has become a permanent resident form (PDF, 260kB).

UTS International has more information if you are an international student who is becoming a permanent resident.

If you are an international student and you become a permanenet resident, you will first need to apply for a commonwealth supported place before you are eligible for a reduction in fees.

To apply for a commonwealth supported place, please apply through the University Admission Centre (UAC) at the appropriate time. 

Disability or ongoing medical condition 

It is important that you let UTS know if you have a disability or ongoing medical condition that may affect your studies. You can record details of disability or ongoing medical condition in the 'My Details' menu of My Student Admin.

If you indicate that you have a disability or ongoing medical condition, assistance is available from the special needs service to help you manage your studies.

Student questions

Q1. I am going to be travelling for a few months. Can I redirect my mail temporarily?

A: Yes. You can set up another type of address - Guardian, Next of Kin, Temporary or Admin Mailing - and make that your preferred mailing address while you travel. Remember to change your preferred mailing address back when you return.

Q2. My Student Admin isn't saving the changes I've made to my address. How else can I update my address?

A: My Student Admin uses an Australia Post verification system that won't validate addresses if they are not the same as the Australia Post list. If your address isn't saving, let us know in writing, by submitting an online enquiry via AskUTS. We will update your address and you'll be able to view the changes in My Student Admin. Please allow up to 5 working days for the address to be updated.