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Fees and payment

Commonwealth supported

If you are admitted to UTS as a Commonwealth supported student, you hold a Commonwealth supported place (CSP). This means that the Australian Government makes a contribution towards the cost of your education and you pay the balance through student contributions.

Commonwealth supported places are available to domestic students in:
  • all undergraduate courses, and
  • a small number of postgraduate courses by coursework.
As a Commonwealth supported student you are required to pay student contributions for each unit of study.
In addition to student contributions you may also be required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee


Residency requirements for CSP

To be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) you must be either:

  • an Australian citizen AND study at least one subject contributing to your course within Australia*
  • a permanent visa holder or a New Zealand citizen AND be a resident in Australia for the duration of your subject.


CSP student contribution amounts

Student contributions are the tuition fee payments you make towards the cost of your education if you are a Commonwealth supported student.
The table below shows the amount a CSP student can expect to pay for one year of full-time study (1.0 EFTSL) in 2016 and 2017. 
Fee rates are divided into three bands covering broad discipline areas.  It is important to note that a particular subject within a course may fall within a different band. 
2017 student contribution band2017 student contribution amount (per eftsl)2016 STUDENT CONTRIBUTION AMOUNT (PER EFTSL)
3. Law, Dentistry, Medicine,
Veterinary Science, Accounting,
Administration, Economics, Commerce
2. Mathematics, Statistics,
Science, Computing, Built Environment,
Health, Engineering, Surveying, Agriculture
1. Humanities, Behavioural Science,
Social Studies, Foreign Languages,
Visual And Performing Arts, Education*,


To view your exact student contributions use the Tuition Fee Search - Search Fees by Subject. You will need to know:

your commencement year (this will make a difference ONLY IF you are studying a Nursing or Education subject), and
subject numbers for each of the subjects your studying.
In addition to student contributions you may also be required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Students who commenced in 2009 or earlier (Pre-2010)

Education and Nursing subjects

If you commenced your course of study before 01 January 2010 and were a Commonwealth supported student for a subject in that course, you continue to be eligible for the reduced student contribution amount of $5,006 (national priority rate) for Education and Nursing subjects. You are considered to be Pre-2010 for a unit of study if:

you commenced a course of study before 1 January 2010 and were commonwealth supported in relation to that unit; and
you did not complete the course before 31 December 2009, or if you did complete the course it was:
an enabling course or
the related course for an honours course of study you are now undertaking.