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For each exam period, the centrally conducted exams timetable will be published, according to the schedule of dates.

Faculty-based exams are organised by individual faculties or schools and are conducted in accordance with guidelines established by the relevant faculty board. Faculty-based exam dates are not found on the centrally-conducted exams timetableStudents should contact their faculty or school with queries regarding a faculty-based exam.

The UTS Counselling Service has tips for coping with exams.

Exams Conduct

There are strict rules surrounding the conduct of exams at UTS.  It is a student's responsibility to understand behaviour which is acceptable in an examination. There are severe penalties for students engaging in misconduct and disciplinary action may be taken if examination rules are not followed.

  • You must display your current and valid student ID card before entering and during the course of an exam. If you have lost, misplaced or have an old student card (issued prior to April 2014), you must obtain a replacement student ID card from UTS Student Centre prior to the examination. If you require a replacement ID card outside of Student Centre hours (before 9am or after 5pm), please go to the Security Office in Building 1 Level 4. Please note that any temporary proof of identity obtained from the student centre or from security is valid for the day of issue only. 
  • You cannot leave your seat during the final 15 minutes of an exam except in exceptional circumstances approved by the Examination Supervisor. Please make sure that you visit the bathroom before you enter the exam room.
  • You are required to follow all instructions from Examination Supervisors.
  • You must not disrupt other students during examinations.
  • Any form of cheating, including use or possesion of unauthorised material or notes, using mobile phones, or colluding with other students will not be tolerated. Severe penalties up to and including exclusion from the University apply for students caught cheating during an exam.
  • Reading time is for reading only. You are not permitted to write, highlight, make any marks on any exam material or make calculations during reading time. Do not have a pen or pencil in your hand during reading time. 
  • All details on attendance slips, examination papers, and booklets of computerised answer sheets must be completed during the time allowed for your exam. You will not be given any extra time to complete details on any exam material.
  • You can only sit an exam for a subject in which you are currently enrolled. It is your responsibility to ensure your subject enrolment is correct.
  • If you are late for your examination, you will not be permitted any extra time.

Items permitted in an exam:

  • A reasonably sized bag, small backpack or similar. Bags must be zipped up and/or folded over and stored under your desk during the exam. You must not access your bag during the exam, except with the assistance of an examination supervisor.  
  • Bulky items such as suitcases or large sports bags (which must be stored at the front of the exam room). UTS will accept no responsibility for the loss of any personal items.
  • Your mobile phone and other electronic devices (e.g ipads, tablets, smart watches) must be turned off and stored in your bag. If your phone is found to be switched on or rings and disturbs other students during an exam, you may be charged with student misconduct.
  • Watches (except smart watches) should be removed from your wrist and placed on the desk or in your bag.
  • Bottled water, which is the only drink permitted in the exam room, should be placed on the floor.

Items prohibited in an exam include:

  • Baseball caps.
  • Pencil cases.
  • Food.
  • Drinks (bottled water allowed).

Finding your exam

To find your timetable for the current round of centrally conducted exams, you should log in to My Student Admin

It is your responsibility to be familiar with the time and the location/venue of your exam. Some subjects hold exams over more than one venue. You must attend the correct exam venue that has been allocated to you.

Every main examinations period have 4 exam sessions each day: 9.00am, 12.30pm, 4.00pm and 7.30pm.

Please check My Student Admin carefully for the time and location/venue of your examination.

Alternative (Special) Exam, Special Consideration and Support

Special consideration is available to students who feel that their performance in an exam has been affected by circumstances beyond your control.

If you miss your exam due to illness or misadventure, you should apply for an alternative exam

If you are worried about your exam/assessment performance, please take some time to visit our Health and Wellbeing website to find out more about coping with exams and assessments.

Scheduling difficulties for centrally-conducted exams 

A scheduling difficulty occurs:
  • Due to circumstances beyond your control.
  • Where you are unable to attend a centrally-conducted exam.
  • When you are aware of this before the exam period.

You can apply to UTS to advise of a scheduling difficulty if you have:  

  • three (3) or more exams occurring within a 24 hour period. eg - If you have an exam at 9.00am, 12.30pm and 4.00pm on the same day, you can apply to reschedule one of these exams (you cannot choose which one).
  • representative cultural or representative sporting commitments at state, national or international level .
  • a significant religious event for which you can demonstrate an ongoing personal commitment.
  • significant personal or family events for which you can provide documentary evidence that satisfies the Director, Student Administration Unit or Subject Coordinator that the commitment could not be undertaken outside the examination period.

It is not considered a scheduling difficulty if you have:

  • two exams in consecutive sessions – e.g. an exam at 9.00am followed by an exam at 12.30pm
  • a third exam that is outside the 24 hours period – e.g. an exam at 9.00am and 12.30pm, followed by an exam at 9.00am the next day
  • conflicting holiday or travel arrangements other than for approved for overseas study
  • conflicting sport and leisure activities
  • conflicting work commitments.

To report a scheduling difficulty

Complete the advice of scheduling difficulties for centrally conducted examinations form (PDF, 162kB). Make sure you supply documentary evidence to support your application. Further instructions on completing and submitting this form are provided on the form. 

You should also keep a copy of your scheduling difficulties application for your own records.

Important dates for scheduling difficulties 

The deadline for submitting an advice of scheduling difficulties for centrally conducted examinations form (PDF, 162kB) for the Autumn examinations period is Friday, 2 June 2017.

If you have submitted the application, you will be contacted by email by Friday, 9 June 2017. You can also check My Student Admin on that date to view your updated timetable. If you have not received an email by Tuesday, 13 June 2017 please email SAU Examinations at exams@uts.edu.au immediately.

Exam clashes

If you have a direct clash on your timetable (two centrally-conducted exams at the same time), you will be contacted by SAU Examinations and offered a rescheduled examination (you cannot choose which one).

If you have a direct clash on your centrally-conducted exam timetable, you will receive an email by  Friday, 9 June 2017. You can also check My Student Admin on that date to view your updated timetable.
Student and related rules:

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