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Robert Greenwood QC Memorial Prize


$1,000 + Certificate





Robert Greenwood QC Memorial Prize was established to recognise the best performing Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student enrolled in a UTS Law award course (undergraduate or postgraduate), who achieves the best academic performance in the academic year for which the Prize is being awarded.

Who is eligible?

The recipient must:

  • ┬áBe a registered student in any Law award course (undergraduate or postgraduate) in the year for which the award is made;
  • Be identified and recognised as an Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander;
  • Achieved the highest weighted average mark (WAM) of all eligible Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander students satisfying the criteria above.

Selection process

The Prize will be awarded to an Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander student who achieves the highest WAM in the relevant academic year (please read the Conditions of Award for full details).

In the event that two or more eligible students have the same highest aggregate mark, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Overall academic performance, including whether the student has failed any subjects, received any academic cautions and rate of progression;
  • Whether any findings of misconduct have been made against the student; and
  • Any other valuable contributions made by the student to the Faculty outside of academic achievement.

Need more information? Contact...

Eleanor Tong
Advancement Coordinator, Faculty of Law
Phone: +61 2 9514 4589
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