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New Colombo Plan Scholarships Program


The prestigious New Colombo Plan Scholarships Program (opens an external site) is an Australian government initiative that provides opportunities for the best and brightest undergraduate university students from Australia to study in the Indo-Pacific region.

The New Colombo Plan includes options to study in 40 participating countries and territories (opens an external site) across the region. In 2018, 120 to 180 high-calibre Australian university students will have the opportunity to undertake at least one session of study, and up to a full academic year of study in one of these destinations. An internship/mentorship component which can be taken before or after the study component, is also a key part of the Scholarship Program.

Note: This scholarship is for Australian citizens only. International students, please view scholarships for international students. For more details, please visit

Who is eligible?

The following are the minimum criteria for selection required by the New Colombo Plan Scholarship. A UTS candidate must:

  • be nominated by University of Technology Sydney.
  • be an Australian citizen - applicants cannot undertake their Scholarship in a host location where they hold dual citizenship or permanent residency or where they have previously been a citizen or permanent resident;
  • be enrolled in units at an on-shore campus of an Australian University during the application process.
  • be between 18 and 28 years of age (inclusive) on 1 January 2019.
  • be undertaking a Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Honours Degree when the Scholarship Program commences.
  • have achieved a minimum 70 per cent graded average or equivalent for their undergraduate course at the time of application, as determined by the nominating home university.
  • not be a previous recipient of a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

Selection process

Applicants will be assessed in their written application and their performance at interview based on the following selection criteria:

  1. Academic excellence at the tertiary level (40 per cent weighting)
    • Assessment of this criterion will relate to a) the applicant's graded average achieved in tertiary studies, and b) to ungraded academic achievements, such as academic awards and commendations, publications, or other examples of academic excellence at the tertiary level. The applicant's communication skills, higher-order cognitive and critical thinking skills, and engagement in learning will also be assessed. High School academic achievements will not be considered.
  2. Leadership in the community (30 per cent weighting)
    • Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant's demonstrated leadership in the community, including volunteer and not-for-profit roles and/or activities they have undertaken in their local community, nationally, overseas and/or in their university.
  3. Adaptability and Resilience (15 per cent weighting)
    • Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant's potential to adapt to change, thrive in a different environment, and demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges.
  4. Ability to contribute to New Colombo Plan goals (15 per cent weighting)
    • Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant's understanding of New Colombo Plan objectives, and how the applicant and their proposed Scholarship Program would contribute to New Colombo Plan goals.

Applications closed

To apply to the Australian Government for an NCP Scholarship, you must first apply to and be nominated by UTS as an eligible candidate . UTS may only nominate up to 10 candidates annually. Successful nominees will then be contacted via email and invited to submit an application through the NCP Scholarships Online application system managed by the New Colombo Plan Secretariat.

For further details about the scholarship and how to apply, please refer to the New Colombo Plan Scholarships Program website (opens an external site) and the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Guidelines 2019 (opens an external site).

To apply for the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program you must meet the above selection and eligibility criteria, and you must be able to undertake the following actions;

  • express your interest and attend a UTS information session on the New Colombo Plan Scholarship program;
  • lodge a written application to UTS, including a study plan at an eligible host University,
  • attend an interview at UTS if shortlisted.

If you are selected as one of the 10 shortlisted nominees, you must;

  • compile and lodge a separate application and relevant documents to the NCP Secretariat;
  • be able to attend an interview with the NCP Secretariat in Canberra.

Application period

UTS will hold NCP Scholarship Information Sessions throughout Autumn Session 2018.

The Australian Government will announce the call for the next round of New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships in May 2018. Applications to UTS will close mid-June 2018.

Need more information? Contact...

You must attend a New Colombo Plan Scholarship Information Session to apply.

To attend, register your interest here.

UTS International will contact you with Session time and Locations.

Study Abroad and Exchange Team
UTS International
Building 1, Level 3
Phone: + 61 2 9514 7915
Website: UTS Global Exhange
Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website:

Other information

Host university

You are encouraged to apply to study at a UTS exchange partner university (opens an external site) and do the study component through the UTS Global Exchange Program or International Studies Degree. That way you will continue to pay your tuition fees at UTS.

By applying to a university with whichUTS has an existing relationship, you will be able to confirm your study placement sooner. It will also be easier to arrange your enrolment, subjects and accommodation..

You may however, apply to attend a non-partner university on the Scholarship and pay enrolment fees using the NCP Scholarship. If you are considering an institution that does not have an exchange agreement with UTS, this will require you to apply for enrolment at the host institution directly, and work with a Faculty academic advisor at UTS to seek appropriate study plan approvals.


It is the scholarship recipient's responsibility to arrange and secure an internship/mentorship before or after their period of study at the host university. However, UTS, the New Colombo Plan Secretariat and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will provide support.

Recipients are required to do both the study and internship components of the program in the same country in the Indo-Pacific. The internship may not be undertaken in Australia.