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Development of 2D material heterostructures for mass spectroscopy and chemical sensing applications


$26,300 AUD per annum

3 years





Two-dimensional materials such as graphene and phosphorene have physical properties (such as high carrier mobilities and tunable bandgaps) that are of great interest for sensing, optoelectronic and catalysis applications. We are offering two PhD scholarships in the area of fabrication, functionalization and testing of 2D material hetero- and nano-structures for applications in mass spectroscopy, chemical and gas sensing. The successful candidates will work collaboratively on a funded Linkage project, the aim of which is to develop new materials for advanced MS detectors, and to study the electron-induced reactions of these materials using an environmental FEG-SEM.

Who is eligible?

Domestic and international applicants.

Selection process

Applicants must have completed a Bachelor of Science degree with first class honours or Master of Science by research, or be regarded by the university as having an equivalent level of attainment. Expertise in at least one of the following fields is essential: 

  • Nanofabrication and material processing and characterization techniques 
  • Electron beam induced deposition/etching/material processing 
  • Device or sensor fabrication 
  • 2D materials 

How to apply

Send your CV and a half page expression of interest to Associate Professor Charlene Lobo.