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Arcadia Landscape Architecture Indigenous Scholarship


$20,000 for an undergraduate student & $10,000 for a Masters student + Paid work placement

Up to four (4) years for an undergraduate student and up to two (2) years for a Masters student





The aim of the Arcadia Landscape Architecture Indigenous Scholarship is to support Indigenous students studying Landscape Architecture by providing financial assistance, industry mentorship and the opportunity for a paid work placement.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Scholarship, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent and provide either:
    • a Confirmation of Aboriginality from a Local Aboriginal Land Council or other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation; or
    • a UTS Statutory Declaration form accompanied by two written references from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people from the applicant’s community who can confirm their identity and are not an immediate family member; and
  • Be enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) or
  • Be enrolled full-time or part-time in the Masters of Landscape Architecture; and
  • Provide a curriculum vitae; and
  • All applicants must apply using the UTS online Scholarship Application form to be eligible.
  • All applicants must be able to attend an interview, if required.

Selection process

As demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview:

  • Commitment to benefiting the Indigenous community through landscape architectural culture and production; and
  • Initiative to seek opportunities to continually advance their professional and personal lives;
  • Alignment of values, goals and culture with those of Arcadia; and
  • Motivation and interest in participating in a paid work placement at Arcadia and to pursue a career in landscape architecture.
  • Commitment to promoting the Scholarship and supporting its purpose, and to being an engaged UTS graduate, including providing mentorship to any future Recipient/s.

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