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Teaching and research integration

Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building

Bringing together the Schools of Design, Architecture and Built Environment in one faculty, UTS DAB ensures staff and students have a unique experience and access to a range of skills, perspectives and leading facilities.

Combining a traditional, theoretical approach with experimentation and open-ended research into the social, environmental and economic workings of urban societies means DAB is at the forefront of learning, academic knowledge and contemporary professional needs.

Central to DAB’s teaching and research experience is technology, and how it can influence both teaching and research experiences and outcomes. In this short video, Professor Desley Luscombe explains how media influences lectures and lecturers.

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An increasingly digital and globalised world, changing financial markets, social transformation and flux mean that design and built environment professions are undergoing continuous change. DAB research and teaching integrate to ensure our graduates are equipped to thrive in this environment, and to help shape new professional frameworks.

Research centres

Applied Research in the Built Environment
Designing Out Crime Research Centre (opens an external site)


Creativity and technology underpin both teaching and research at UTS. DAB has taken a leading role in bringing radically creative and collaborative approaches to learning.

Dr Joanne Jakovich, a senior lecturer in the School of Architecture, received a learning.futures grant to bring together staff from DAB, Business and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to develop new teaching modules that combine face-to-face collaborative Creative Intelligence learning, helping bring to life the new Learning2014 environments. This will result in online visual learning modules, used by students and also disseminated through research publications to inform best practice.

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