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    How does AcaWriter work?

  • Welcome to the UTS AcaWriter website!

    AcaWriter provides instant feedback on your writing, to help you improve your drafts before submitting course assignments for grading, or research papers for review.

    AcaWriter doesn’t replace the other writing tools you already use, to check spelling, grammar and plagiarism.

    What makes it different is that it focuses on the hallmarks of academic writing: how clearly are you signalling to the reader that you’re thinking deeply about ideas? If AcaWriter can’t spot this, then maybe your readers won’t either.

    Why do we need a machine to do this? Are we automating educators out of jobs? No. Research shows learning to express your ideas in formal academic language is tough, and that quick, detailed feedback can be very helpful.

    Unfortunately, nobody has the time to give you instant feedback on endless drafts, any time of the day or night. So this is where artificial intelligence can help. You can ask for feedback 24/7, and it won’t get tired or frustrated!

    AcaWriter is an advanced research prototype developed here at UTS, which means two things: firstly that it’s backed by solid research, but secondly, it’s not perfect, and we’re learning how to improve it all the time.

    But don’t worry, your assignment will still be graded by a human: AcaWriter is just here to give you tips to improve your drafts — and we encourage you to get feedback as many times as you want, and to disagree if you think it’s got it wrong.

    We don’t think you’ll have seen a tool like this before, so before you login, please browse this website to learn what AcaWriter does, and how to understand the feedback it gives.

    Once you’ve got that, go for it! Check out some of the examples to get a feel for it, then paste in some of your own text to see what it thinks of it…

    Finally, we really want to hear what you think, so get in touch.

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    What does AcaWriter look like?

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