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Attributes of UTS graduates

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UTS graduates:

  • are equipped for ongoing learning and inquiry in their personal development and professional practice;
  • operate effectively with the body of knowledge that underpins professional practice and
  • are committed to the actions and responsibilities of a professional and global citizen.


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Graduate framework

Each course at UTS has a graduate profile that describes the intended capabilities of its graduates. It addresses three broad domains: personal, professional and intellectual. It details the attributes graduates will develop through the course, including the professional roles for which they will be prepared.

The profiles are developed alongside the UTS Model of Learning so they take into account the over-arching attributes that all UTS graduates will have, and complement these with discipline- and profession-specific qualities.

Course curriculum, including subject objectives and assessment critiera, is mapped against graduate profiles, to ensure there is a strong link between the intended attributes of graduates and what is taught.

Developing graduate attributes in courses

UTS uses a development framework for demonstrating the links between subjects, courses and the UTS Graduate Profile Framework.