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Developing your academic career

Information for new staff


If you're new to UTS, whether you're new to being an academic or have come from another university, there will be lots to learn - what's expected, where to find information, who to talk with and so on. If you've been here for a while, you may be interested in more information about career development options or advice on promotions. These pages have answers to some common questions.

  • Workshop program for new academic staff at UTS
    IML offers a workshop program for all new academic staff. You can participate in the workshops in either February or July i.e. just before the start of either of the main UTS semesters.
  • Survival guide for new academics
    An online guide with some tried and trusted shortcuts and tips to get you started and to enable you to hit the ground running. This survival guide has been produced with the help of people who have some understanding of what it is like to be in your shoes - because they have been there. 
  • UTS Development Program for New Academic Staff
    In the first two years of your appointment as a lecturer or associate lecturer, you are expected to participate in the UTS Development Program for New Academic Staff. You will normally receive a 25% reduction in your teaching load for the first two years of your appointment (based on your Faculty’s workload policy) to help you complete this. The aim of the Development Program is to support your learning and development as an academic at UTS. It is intended to complement and support your normal academic work. You will work with your academic supervisor, identified in your letter of offer of employment, to negotiate your overall program. If your appointment is at less than .7 fractional or you're appointed at senior lecture or above, you may still be able to participate.
  • Probation and tenure
    Most academics are appointed to UTS with three years probation. The information in this section answers some commonly asked questions about probation and provides resources to integrate your work and your professional development.